Monday, January 24, 2011

Yay it's Monday!


Pretend like that's an awesome shot of a bridal fair booth with all the trimmings and packed with customers.

That's because I had a bridal fair on Sunday and didn't take out my camera one time! I couldn't, I didn't have time. I'm pretty sure that's a good sign. Yesterday (not just the bridal fair) was a good day business wise.

It snowed out the yingyang again (that's a very technical meteorological term fyi) and our master plan of taking the neon AND Tanner, turned into taking the 4 wheel drive jeep and dumping Tanner alone at home.

I'm quite positive my 16 year old boy was home crying his eyes out he didn't get to go to the bridal fair. I'll make it up to him soon, I will probably take him to the nail salon so he can watch me get a new set of nails.

Friday, my throat started to get a "tickle" and I flopped myself in the middle of the floor and had a huge hissy fit. You see, I JUST GOT OVER a cold (you don't remember me whining for 3 weeks?) and I'm really not ready for another one. In fact, I kinda prefer the old one. That one didn't make me sound like Barry White. So, going into the show I knew I would be hurting today. Talking for 4 hours straight normally sounds really appealing to me, but in reality it was more like swallowing a bag of gravel. My throat hurts today.

I did get to see so many wonderful brides, and have come to the conclusion that 09-10-11 shall be banished from the earth. I've had no less than a dozen brides want that day now. *a dozen* Girls... 11-11-11 is WAY COOLER (and I'm open so go for it).

I also ran into a girl that I went to high school with, who apparently stalks me here. (Hi Beth). She was much older than me tho ;) I'm unofficially booked until 2016 for her son's senior pics.

My ultimate goal was to come home, go to bed and sleep 12 hours. I went to bed at 10:30 - the same time as Gene - but couldn't sleep. GRRR. I ended up getting up at 11:15 and staying up til 2 a.m. working on an album (which is friggin awesome just for the record). Up at 8 a.m. So, half time sleep is acceptable right?


TODAY: Run some errands. That damn banker prefers when I put money in the checking account. What is up with THAT? Plus, despite having a cold, I really feel energized business wise and I have a lot of things to get done like mailing an album, working on designing about 6 more this week (which is my favorite part of the whole process fyi... yeah, I'm still a scrapbooker at heart!)

I'm also going to continue to stalk Kal Barteski's blog multiple times a day hoping for a new baby. I've been reading Kal's blog since she was married just a few months and she's on her third little one now. I'm sure she puts me in the "certifiable stalker" category (like I do Beth ;).

Oh, and I'm going to eat lots of honey. Not just because it's good for your cold and sore throats, but because it tastes friggin awesome and who couldn't use a couple more honey induced poundages right?



johnsoncircus said...

Hope you get over your cold quickly. Congrats on having such a succesful Bridal Fair. Your pictures are fabulous.

gowestferalwoman said...

Oh my - talking for 4 hours straight on a sore throat?

I need me some ice cream...excuse me...

hope you have a nice stash of ice cream and you get better soon! 9/09/11 is going to come faster then you know!

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