Thursday, January 27, 2011

The day I tracked a velociraptor - or - deep thoughts by Jack Handey


There is just something about winter, and the tracks in the snow that makes me fall in love year after year. Maybe it's just that it harkens back to when I was a kid on a snow day. Snow seemed bigger back then and more magical, or maybe it's just because I was smaller then and the snow looked bigger to me.


It's kind of enchanting, seeing the places all the little birds have been. Playing and searching in the snow for dinner.


And here, a dog possibly, tracking a turkey.

Or maybe it's a turkey tracking a dog!?

Or maybe it's a velociraptor tracking a werewolf.

{My money is on the velociraptor. I would probably pay to see that. Then I'd cover my eyes the whole time.}


Anyway, I think that tracks in the snow is a beautiful metaphor on life. Once you pass through it, there is no denying where you have been. You can work diligently and carefully, but you can never hide what you've done - until something bigger comes along (more snow... or sunshine), but even under the bigger, better (or worse) happenings in your life, under it all those tracks are still there... your history.

Anyway, the other day at the end of my "explore". I was standing at the top of the huge hill that months earlier had been covered in dandelions and clover, but now just snow. I could see forever all the way around me and was very completely alone.

I decided that I too, needed to make a "print" ... a little "history" of my own that day.


{when life hands you snow - make snow angels}

So I plopped down and made a really bad snow angel for some random farmer to find. Pristine snow, a few tracks in from the road and "plop" a snow angel. I picture said farmer saying "wth?" lol.

{I'm apparently really bad at snow angels. It's kinda hard to do with a big old camera in your hand, the wrong shoes and a light jacket. I told you I was ill prepared for "adventures"}


Bella said...

I LOVE SNOW!! We don't live where it snows but I find it to be so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!!

Kelly L said...

Instead of snow - this California family uses

beautiful pictures!

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Nina Diane said...

beautiful photos...I love the snow but we haven't rec'vd too much this year. A small one on Christmas day (I know, awesome) but nothing much since. have a wonderful weekend!

gowestferalwoman said...

lol and I bet your jeep seat was kind of squishy!

LisaDay said...

The spot was begging for a snow angel. I would also cover my eyes while the eating scene was going on.


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