Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Parenting sucks


Two sobering reminders that I'm getting old and just "Mom" no longer "Mommy"

Story #1.

Seth (21 years old, just for the record here) called me on Sunday and asked me to stop by his house after I picked up Tanner that he had some egg cartons for me. Dutifully, I stopped on the way home and lo and behold, he wasn't there but his roommate Tony was. Tony was cleaning the dining room and *drinking a beer*


He called Seth and told him to come home (he was across the street). Seth comes bounding in a couple minutes later bringing me a garbage bag full of egg cartons. He also brought with him beer breath.


My little boy... that little boy that would wear a fire helmet everywhere he went, just walked in and I caught beer. on. his. breath. Seth, I apologize for going all "mom" on you and talking about drinking and driving.. blah blah blah.

Parents, this is a reminder to you to unfriend your kids on facebook. This will save you from seeing them tagged in photos where they are holding beers, drinking, and well... smashed drunk.

In the meantime, I think I'll go curl up in a ball and visit my other child.

Which reminds me of:

Story #2

Tanner has taken to having me pick him up from school. I don't have a problem with this *once in a while*, but driving 10 miles one way, battling school traffic (which is crazy!) and then trying to get home while battling all the factories getting out at the same time.... yeah... notsomuch.

However, he talked me into it on Monday and I got there fairly early. The bell rings and kids start to pile out the door. I'm watching (as Tanner is never first out the door. EVER) and I see this kid. He's tall and gangly. God that kid looks like Seth. (he gets closer), Gee the poor sod even walks like Seth.

*o.m.g.* It's Tanner!

(now please revert to story #1!!)

Poor kid, looks like his brother right down to the scraggly long hair (but no goat beard). He looks even more like him when he has is braces off (which are now back on - long story).

To add insult to injury, he just left, doused with cologne, wearing the nice leather jacket he never wears and driving MY CAR. Ugh. That's not a good sign. At least he's going to church.

oh god.
I've heard about church camp tho! *my eyes.. they are bleeding!!!!!!!*

I'm now confident I'm never going to make it through parenthood.


BK said...

So that's what my parents think :) Of course need to rewrite the story with the eldest, only girl and then younger brothers. AKA, nightmare :D

LisaDay said...

Thanks for showing me the future.


Dharma said...

I hear ya lady. Boy2 turned 9 this past week and he looks so much like Boy1 it is scary. Minus the under chin peach fuzz beard of course. Wah!

Joycee said...

yes you will, and they will reward you with grandkids...don't follow their facebooks either!!

Jessie K said...

I am now going to invent a potion to make them stay little forever!

I wish!

gowestferalwoman said...

Parenting is just like marriage; you go into it eyes wide open but then afterwards you close your eyes partway AFTER they turn 21. Like my husband says to me - "if they can run for a political office at age 21, then i think they can handle this small issue without you butting in" lol

You gave them wings when they were little and you taught them everything you knew - now its their turn to not live through mom and dad's words but "write" their own lives...its hard though, kind of like "father of the bride" when his grown daughter comes home and he still sees his little girl sitting there....I literally have clapped my hand over my mouth when talking over the phone to my 21 & 23 yr old to prevent a lecture coming on lol unless they ask me for advice~ then its like the gates for the wild horses have been opened lol

all you can do is love them and hope they make good choices ..:) and most important be there and listen, not quick to solve their problems for them, but walk alongside them while they figure it out so that its their learning experience - and It looks like you have a good start!

johnsoncircus said...

I am firmly convinced that parenting over 18 kids is way harder than toddlers ever were. Especially since they have no desire for our parenting and in our eyes they are still our little ones that need our guidence.

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