Thursday, February 10, 2011

8 more feet

We have 8 more feet at my house. Nope, not snow (thank ya lord). It's 8 more critter feet.


This past summer/fall, Tanner's little mice Oreo and Pepper died. Both were really sweet little mice. Pepper was funny and sometimes even hung out on my desk. (don't get woozy, she didn't poop on anything important - I think).

Tanner decided he wanted some new mice and so when we got to the pet store (where the pets go!), I wasn't all that shocked when he suddenly decided he'd rather have 2 rats.


When I was in Jr. High, my best friend's mom was going to college. They had rats in a class for some reason, and they gave them to her after they were done. I'm positive they weren't doing radiation tests on them or anything... they were just rats.

This was the first time I'd ever seen/thought of a rat in anything other than a trap. - Thanks mom for being phobic. Oh.. btw.. Hi Mom! Anyway, these rats were really sweet and I was most amazed by their tails. Not what I was expecting at all. Ever since then I've wanted a rat.

Soooooo.. I didn't exactly drag my feet when Tanner suggested it. He whipped out his own wallet and paid for the cage, rats, etc so I can't argue with that.


No names have been picked yet. Tanner rejected "Walker" and "Texas Ranger". Hmmfpt.

He also rejected "Pinky and the Brain"

So, I'm at a loss and open to name suggestions!

One is an albino, and the other one is a very light tan, they are both girls. Oh, and they wrestle like Mack and Jingles do. God please let that be "wrestling".


LisaDay said...

Pinky and Brain would be fantastic names. Perhaps Tanner is too young to appreciate it. I also hope it's just wrestling. So your football is like my hockey.


Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

I cringed when I first saw them, but they are cute. I wasn't too keen on my daughter bringing a ferret home from school one year for spring break, but I had more fun with him than anyone. Can't help but love all God's creatures.

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