Friday, February 11, 2011

Get prepared and hold onto your big girl panties!

I have to give this post a whole lot of preface.

Keep a few things in mind.
1. In December I was incredibly busy... one of the busiest months of the year
2. My heat went out on Christmas eve eve.
3. I hadn't been able to take in the recycling in like.. 2 weeks.
4. everything was re-arranged because of trying to gain access to the furnace - and because of the heaters being in the middle of the floor!
5. I was a whole bunch of sick.

OK, now. Please don't call hoarders. LOL

A couple weeks ago, Gene and I were arguing over something stupid (we both agreed it was stupid) and in that process he made an off hand comment about trying to find something on my desk. Now, as a general rule, my desk has lots of stuff on it, but I could tell you at any given second where pretty much most things were on my desk.. except for receipts. I hate receipts.

Receipts suck.

Anyway, said comment only made me angry, and usually the only thing accomplished at getting me angry is getting me to do whatever the angry comment was about.
Yeah, I know, not really wise thinking on my part. LOL

But the reality was, I'd been meaning to clean off my desk for a while. Like, 6 months or more. We had a second computer sitting on the DINING ROOM table instead of a beautiful 9 foot granite topped desk. I needed to be in my work space.

So each day, I would hammer away at it 10 minutes at a time, at least twice. Several times it worked out to be an hour. It wasn't that there was a ton of things, it's just that I'm not good at organization so I had to figure out where all those little small things that end up in a basket at the end go.

The result is below:

messy desk

If you are brave... click on the image, and it will take you to the before. Please don't get the vapors. Also please don't call Hoarders or CPS. Also re-read points 1 through 5. LOL

Are you back yet?

Yeah, it was pretty horrific yes? But life is better now. Recycling (that was alllll the Christmas papers and boxes, and boxes for a heater and a fireplace) all made it to the recycling center. It barely fit in my jeep! The heaters were installed in their proper locations so the catbox could go back to its home. The receipts, every one of them, found a place to live. I no longer feel like throwing a sheet over half my kitchen when someone comes to the door.

But the biggest part, was moving my printer and scanner to a cart under my desk. There's a dead space in the corner and I very much wanted to get it off of my desk out of the way. Once Tanner came home, and saw the desk cleaned off, he was inspired. Plus he was really bored being on 5 snow days. :)

I dragged my feet as long as he would allow me. He ended up setting up the printer, putting away all the misc cords that were hidden in that corner before, he cleaned under there (scary dust bunnies!), and he even moved the computer from the dining room table.... you know, in case I actually want to eat over there.


Yep, there's 2 monitors, and eventually Tanner's going to help me figure out what I need to get the second one running. I'm not sure why I'd want two, other than maybe running a movie while I'm editing, or watching youtube or something, but since I have an extra monitor, why not?

Now there is plenty of room for Jingles to visit, except he STILL wants to lay right in front of my monitor.

Have you stopped trembling yet? Are you still feeling a lil' woozy? Get your bearings.. have a cold drink. It'll be ok.


Daintry said...

You are brave...but alas I will not judge...because I have a whole craft room that looks like that right now! hahaha

M!ssPr!ssy said...

Still feeling a bit woosy but its wearing off. You weren't a-kiddin'. I really did need to hold on to my big girl panties. What a great job you did. Now my toes are curling. A moment of silence. It looks lovely now I have office-envy. Off to check my forehead it feels a little clammy.

the Goodwife said...

Whahahhhahaaaa! Good job girl!

Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

That before shot looks like my spare room, although I think I may have you beat!

Pam said...

Honey, your before shot looks like my office when it's CLEAN! LOL! Seriously, it's a fire hazard in there right now. Yikes! Hoping to have it cleaned up pretty soon. Like in five years or so.:-P

LisaDay said...

That was pretty horrific. There is some way, and perhaps Tanner knows how, to make both monitors work at the same time so you can look at images/documents on both screens or you can move on document to the other screen. It would be handy for photo editing.


Missy said...

Oy! YIKES! Good job though!!

Rmcilvenna said...

Ooooohhhh! That was scary!!

Strong work on the clean up!

Wendy said...

hehehe and I thought my before pics on my blog were bad...ohh wait they are hehhehe, but as soon as I cleaned mine I went back to creating and buying new supplies and it got alittle messy again. Hard to keep creative areas clean heheh bit like my mind. Have a great day

Misfit said...

OMG!! *sniff* This is how my den looks because of the umpteen unfinished home improvement projects started by my hubby. The den is his staging area. So there's laminate flooring, an air compressor, a torch set (I really have no idea what he has in mind for that), spackle, etc. I think there's even a random ceramic tile or two and we have no ceramic in our home. Sometimes I just want to set a match to that room!!

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