Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red Velvet Trip - Springfield MO

There's this cute little shop in Springfield called "Red Velvet" It's operated by a pair of sisters - Emma and Elsie. Now, Elsie used to be a scrapbooker (and she still does sometimes I think), but her focus a few years ago turned from scrapbooking to indie art and then vintage clothing and accessories. I've read Elsie's blog, pretty much since I started reading blogs - around 4 years now (?). I couldn't resist that I was going to Springfield, I dig antiques, am working on some vintage clothing of my own, and there is this cute little shop.


I'm not sure what they made of me, since I have a tendancy to babble (no. really. wipe that shocked look off your face). I also am what, 9 times older than them? OK, maybe just 7. But the fact of the matter remains, that I've been influenced by Elsie's blog. I get all swiggly over vintagy goodness. I opened my own little etsy shop "I can has kitsch" about a year ago and add cool things as I find them - with some pretty good success.

Elsie and Emma's

I don't wear vintage clothes, but I looooove them and pick out entire outfits for other people. LOL. I guarantee you, girls were skinnier back then. The sizing was just different. Anyway, we finally made it to the shop (we'd been shopping all day) and I was surprised that Emma and Elsie were actually there tapping away on their macs. Elsie's fiance Jeremy even came in, which was even weirder. lol. It's was slightly surreal for me, talking to someone that I knew a lot about, but had no idea who I was.

*I've had that happen to me a few times* It's weird. (probably moreso because for the life of me, I can't remember a darn face/name... even ppl that I've lived in the same town with and "known" for 20 years! dude... I'm getting old, cut me some slack!)

They nicely let me take pics of anything I wanted and well, that makes them pretty cool in my book. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the cupcake shop that's there too! I was "having a moment" sorry.

Vintage clothing and such

I probably could have taken about 900 more photos, but there was a grumpy old man out in the car ready for dinner. I ended up taking home a paint by number that I'm keeping (I posted it earlier today). It had cows. I was sold.

Emma and Elsie

Before my husband pushed me out the door, the girls let me take their pic in front of their teepee. Pretty cute girls eh? Do you think Gene would let me set up a teepee in our bedroom? We could camp out and read story books and eat crackers in bed.

yeah... I didn't think so either.

Red Velvet is located at
211 E. Commercial
Springfield Mo. 65803
Shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-7 PM.

If you are here looking for their phone number, they don't have one.


LisaDay said...

It looks like a beautiful store. I like leather-bound books.


the Goodwife said...

I've got to say I LOVE that pucker cotton (seersucker?) top in the first set of pictures. I'm a sucker for late 60's and 70's clothes, but you are right, big gals like me must not've exisisted back in the day!

Tracy said...

I love these types of stores were you could spend the whole day in and still see something you missed.
Love the typewritter.

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