Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life by bullet points

Boring news and unexciting events:

  • I've declared eBay awesome. Gene and I have been slowly listing our piles of amassed goodies. 2 paintings we paid $6 for fetched $200 and a toy cowboy/indian set that we paid $70 for has made $260 so far. (we have to relist a couple pieces). Money is awesome!

  • Which has basically paid for my new website upgrade coming soon. Hopefully in the next couple weeks! What I can do with it at this point is maxed out my capabilities. And to think, I used to do it for other ppl as a side job.

  • In the not boring, and very sweet "aw shucks" category, miss Lisa Day awarded me a stylish blogger award the other day. Thank you dear Lisa! She's funny and kind, and also a regular reader. Go love on her blog and leave her comments. She's good people that Lisa.

  • We have 8 new feet in the house. More on that tomorrow.

  • Gene and I sat down and talked tonight about a new venture that I want to get into. Low barrier to entry, possible income is good. Like, both quit our jobs and sit on our butts good. Likey. If you're wondering, it has to do with blogging. Yes, I'm really into this concept of blogging for actual money.

  • I'm sure I'll think of 17 other meaningful things as soon as I admit defeat and go to bed (3 min and counting). I reserve the right to update at will.

1 comment:

the Goodwife said...

Well well well! Congrats on those ebay sales, that screams awesome! The new feet....puppies or kitties? Or perhaps you just mean snow, but I hope not 8 feet.....

Bloggin' for money sounds really cool as well, but I'm not sure folks would pay to hear what I've got to say, mahaps to keep me from talkin??

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