Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A cat by any other name... still smells like a cat.

I was thinking the other day, about the funny nicknames that we seem to pile onto others against their will over the years. Some brief, some more popular than others, some loathed, some tolerated, all unrelenting.

For example:
Gene: I've called him "Baby" pretty much forever, really to the point of embarassing myself in public. "HEY BABY!" across a crowded room. LOL. In fact, for a long time it felt weird to even say his name out loud. Yeah, that much.

Seth: Seff, Seffie, Sefferton, Sug (short for sugar) and DAMMIT SETH! But my favorite was when he was little. I called him Binky for years and years. I slipped a couple times after the age of 11 and that didn't go over very well.

Tanner: Tanny, Tanman, Tanmannerton, Mannerton, Tanner T-top, and Buddy. ("Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?") My favorite is probably Manny (derived from Tan-man). I like it to the point of wishing at times I'd named him Manny. I think that's a handsome name with lots of character. It also reminds me of Almanzo from "Little house on the Prairie" which were some of my favorite books as a child.

I randomly call other people's kids "honey, hun, sug, sweetie" including all of Gene's granddaughters. I'm sure that all these kids think I'm some crazy lady. Which I am. Someday I'll wear too much lipstick and it will bleed into my mustache like Aunt Genie (not my husband.. no really), but people will just laugh and say 'Oh crazy old Aunt Lana, but she calls me sweetie!" (Psst.. speaking of which 3 new layouts of the girls over on the scrapbook side!)

The chickens: Well, I only call them chick chick, chickie and QUIT POOPING ON MY DECK!

The most creative though, are for these guys:

Mack: He was named after Mark McGwire. I don't care, I still think Big Mac is hot. Anyway, Mack is also known as Mackey, Macklin, Puddy, and Puddypud. He'll only answer though, to "Mack". He's kind of a diva that way.

Jingles: Pringles (it was obvious), Jiggly-puff (this actually refers to his loosey goosey abs. Yep, i have them too!) Jiggles, Jiggly, Rotten, and Wotten. He responds best to: MOVE and LAY DOWN.

Wouldn't it be more fun, to give your kids pet names. I think I'd prefer to call Seth "Midnight" and Tanner "Snowball". Seems more fitting doesn't it?

Anyone? Tanner?



the Goodwife said...

Oh we are all about nick names here. I called my husband Babe when we were first married, till I got pregnant and he's been Daddy ever since.....that's right, don't judge me, and he calls me Mama, yes in public and everything. If he calls me by my actual first name is sounds sooo bizarre and I too didn't call him by his first name for YEARS. Now I do it to be funny and he totally gets that.

We both call our daughter Sis, and he calls her FartKnocker.......among other things while I call her Peanut.

She calls her grandpa Pary, because she used to call him Pop Pop and his name is Gary hence Pary.

I could go on and on but I won't bore you with more details.......suffice it to say we are nicknamers as well!

Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

I'm right there with you. Brittany goes by Boopies, Thor goes by Budzino and Otto goes by Empo. Why do we even bother naming them?

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