Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowpocolypse 2011


In case you're wondering how we fared in the snow storm (and we know you're not worried about lil' ol' nobody me. sniffles), we did ok. In fact, if this was 2009-10, we'd just call this TUESDAY.

The wind was blowing like a mutha, which seemed to be the worst of it, especially since we live out here in the open with no wind protection. Gene had yesterday off of work because it was supposed to be worse than Tuesday, but in reality, it was actually decent out and we ended up going to town so we didn't get stir crazy. The least pleasant part of the day was the fact that the chinese place we went to was really cold and we had to wear coats while we ate.

In reality, we didn't get it all that bad. Most of the bad stuff was central Missouri and we're on the very north end. We didn't lose electricity (we'd still have heat if we did!), but if we had, we have our generator from the outage a few years ago!

The snow tried to eat the neon... like it always does. But we have a secret weapon... the neighbor and his bobcat.





We buy him beer for doing this. He never fails to show up, I wonder why??


Jessie K said...

Hah! We went to Chinese Tuesday night and it was cold in there, too! Must be the culture...? ;)

Kelly L said...

That is just plain crazy! I cannot imagine living where it snows...

Love to you - keep warm
I've Become My Mother

Nina Diane said...

wow...I just can't even imagine that kind of snow!

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