Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is patient, love is kind, love rarely makes me want to kick you in the head... or something


That boy... he did alright this year.

I'd told him I wasn't letting him off the hook this year. Almost always come February, something will come up and I'll let him off the hook and say "that can be your V-day gift" and he breathes a heavy sigh of relief and we go on about our winter.


However, this year I decided I wasn't letting him off the hook so easy. He was going to need to be creative. After deliberation, he finally picked something (but I figured it out because he's a horrible hinter! ugh).

Around Tuesday, I suggested we got to Springfield for the weekend. Don't get too excited, it's not like we jetted off to Italy for the weekend or anything or even Springfield, Mass. Nope, just good old Springfield, MO.

Why? Well, down south seems to be the antique epicenter of Missouri and you know we have absolutely no will power.


Long story short, we went, we had fun, we spent too much money - mostly on ourselves (oops) and man, did we have the worst motel bed ever.

(more on all the stuff we did some other time).

So on the way home, Gene starts telling me about getting my V-day gift (I bought him a movie), and I caved. I told him he was off the hook.


(btw, that gift was a trip to a day spa)


Instead, I let my gift be this:


No, not another fat cat. A cute vintage, turquoise chair for my craft room.

I could have had both!!

So yesterday, it was a nice surprise when he showed up with flowers. Maybe flowers are a little "expected" but he did alright, they weren't roses. AND.. they go nicely with my new chair yes?

and just for good measure... DAMMIT!


LisaDay said...

Those are both good gifts. The topper should have been that spa day.


Nina Diane said...

very nice...dammit

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