Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Sparks - Feathers

About collecting feathers,    Miss cola all like.

I've always fancied feathers. I have saved them for years. I'd find a bluejay feather in the yard and just couldn't let it go, it was too beautiful to let go to waste, so I save them.

I've used them on scrapbook pages, but mainly, they just sit in a little baggy in my scrapbook room waiting for the right moment.



Feather 1

This weekend, Gene and I will be attending our local hospital's Gala. The theme is the Kentucky Derby which is right up my alley. I love me some horses, and I love big hats.

Not that I can wear hats and not look a fool.

I finally decided that a good compromise will be a hairpiece, a fascinator full of feathers.

Glamour Girl Fascinator



fascinator: baby blue & white (detail)

Here's some beautiful and reasonable priced headpieces on etsy. But really, if you go on etsy, you'll see thousands of feathery goodness.

I loved her earrings. Amber didn't agree with me. Amber is a stick in the mud.
Hi Amber!
Love you, you big stick in the mud.

I'm actually going to make my own! It will have an antique brooch, some bridal veil lace, peacock feathers and... CHICKEN FEATHERS. Can't be a Cease Fire Ranch girl, without some chicken feathers. I'll take photos and report my findings.

This could get interesting.


LisaDay said...

That sounds fun and beautiful. I look forward to the pic and report. I love that last pic you posted.


gowestferalwoman said...

cant wait to see your hatty-feathery hairpiece!

When i work i find feathers and stick them in my pockets, then find them later on the dryer lint screen...

Tracy said...

I love that photo with the feather floating in the water.
Looking forward to seeing your headpiece. You better model it :)

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