Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Buy it? Don't buy it? Buy it? Don't buy it?

Every little antique trip is fraught with decisions. Buy or don't buy? Do I love it? do I need it? Can I sell it and make a million dollars?

So, I bring you my latest installment of... Buy it or don't buy it!?


1. Cute little well done paint by number. It had cows. I have little impulse control. Bought it.
2. Little blue Marilyn Monroe dress. Will look good in our new vintage clothing online shop (did I tell you that?). Bought it.
3. Bust of David. My husband has been trolling for a bust for MONTHS. *no really* He keeps coming up with 30" tall monstrosities, made of marble, imported from europe for a whole lot of money. He keeps forgetting that my dining room is not a historic hotel lobby. This was a good compromise, and a reasonable compromise. Bought it.
4. Old buckle with filligree. Going to add some feathers and a clip for my hair. My new weakness. Bought it.


1. Sign with handmade rooster made out of license plates. Very impressive work, I kinda cringe at the thought of the sound cutting metal makes, would look awesome on the side of my chicken coop. Expensive. I have license plates. Didn't buy it.
2. I have a soft spot for glass bells. Also deer horns. Also birds. It's weird and I love it. I have some horns myself, but no bell. Maybe I should have bought it? Might be regretting this. Didn't buy it.
3. The pin that inspired the buckle above. Wanted it badly but it came with a mink stole. No thanks. Didn't buy it.
4. Be sure! (yes) Be safe! (yes yes) Be thrifty (oh dear god yes!) Feed Nutrena! with a rooster! I want! Oh suck, you're expensive. Didn't buy. *stomp*


5. Lil' turquoise deer. I lurve me some deer. Turquoise is the new pink. Hemmed and hawwed. Gene picked it up and took it to the counter. Guess I'm buying it.
6. 1940's white dress that can pass for a wedding dress. Very cute. Will look great in our selection of vintage wedding dresses. (more on this soon I promise). Bought it!
7. Enamel brooches. Everywhere I turn, I get all woozy. bought it.. again and again and again.
8. Lucite clutch purse. Steal of a deal. Will look great in my vintage shop. Bought it.
(Dear Amber, please come be my model soon. Love you!)


5. Some old carnival game dolls. Too creepy and in the *ACCCCKKKK* category. Didn't even consider it. Just wanted a picture to scare you. didn't buy it (thank god, because now I can sleep, those things would have eaten my face off in the middle of the night!)
6*. Royal Yoruba Headdress. With an astrisk, because *I almost bought it* Yep. Really. I sometimes find things and can see the history or the quality of work. Not because I want it for myself (well sometimes) but because it's so unusual, it must be worth something. Apparently these are worn by the Yoruba tribe shamen and kings. Apparently there must be a lot of those because after some research, I found some for as little as $75 online. Whew. Glad I didn't gamble. It was $285. Didn't buy it.
7*. Underwater helmet. Again, with an asterisk. This was a Gene thing, and he was interested in an investment. Again, found out they don't sell for much. Thank god because that thing was huge. Guess who'd be mailing it off? yeah her. Didn't buy it! (yes!!)
8. Bread sign. "let's be friends" (in a creepy non-single white female kinda way). I promise not to eat your face off. bwhahah. Didn't buy it. Didn't even consider it. Is it weird that I still think it's kinda cute?


9. The peace de resistance.... a chandelier made of spoons and tea cups. Oh how I want you pretty little chandeliermadeofspoonsandteacups. *sigh* Did anyone catch the price? Yeah, kinda the reason why I didn't buy it. Gene kinda looked at it with the "wtf" kinda face. I looked at it like this. The checkbook won, but mainly because I'm so darn cheap.. and I can find spoons 10 for a dollar every day. I want one to hang over my kitchen sink.

But daddy I want it NOW!


the Goodwife said...

Ohmygoodness! I'm LOVIN' the rooster out of lic. plates! Also love the vintage dresses and how did I miss this vintage dress shop announcement?

Ps........I totally snickered over your suggestion that I just grow into my sweater..........LOL! The growing must stop my dear, it must stop!

Nina Diane said...

very cool have good will power :)

Tracy said...

I am loving the vintages dresses. Love the blue one.
So Gene loves busts eh ;)

Mz-Cellaneous said...

hah.. *snort*

Stacy's Snippets said...

SO glad you bought the first set labled 5, 6, 7 and 8.....all favs of mine!

LisaDay said...

I really like the scuba head but good point about the shipping cost of that one.


Lee Ann said...

Oh my! I'm in LOVE with that chandelier! I'd be the same as you -- wouldn't buy it because I could make one for tons cheaper...

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