Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Evil, scheming CHICKENS!


I never thought I'd say this...

My chickens are sly smart little devils.

That just doesn't happen. I mean, they have like 3 flashing (intermittently) neurons for a brain. Mainly they know, 1.) eat. 2.) poop 3.)"Oh look a bug!" and 4.) gotta lay an egg. Oh there's a little heirarchy in there to shake things up for entertainment (more mine then theirs) but let's face it, there's not a show about a chicken named Lassie saving Timmy from a well.

So today, I go out to let them out like I do almost every day, I noticed a bag on the floor and don't think much of it at first. Then wait...


It's the bag of cracked corn.
*and it's empty*

It seems, that the bottom of the bag at the BEGINNING of the week had a small hole in it. I didn't move it, because it was small, and I didn't want the corn to pour out.

Well, seems some chicken, figured out that if you pull on that little string, more corn falls out and before you knew it, the entire bag was open.

and empty.

So I guess that explains why they weren't eating a whole lot of crumbles this week.

I hope it hurts when they poop.

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doublehphoto said...

This is hilarious! I love chickens also, and am having a blast reading your blog!

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