Monday, February 21, 2011

The redneck mother land - have you visited?


First question... are you a redneck girl from the midwest?

Well, you're probably missing out then on a pretty awesome place to visit. It's like Disneyland for hunters and fishermen. It's Bass Pro shops! Now, you might have been at one of their stores in one of dozens of locations around the country, but we're not talking about those. We're talking about the mack daddy of Bass Pros. *the* Bass Pro - Springfield, MO.

This place is pretty cool and almost a museum. There's so much to see, you could easily spend an entire day there and not see it all.


There's lots of taxidermy, to the point that they've worked it into their display racks. Think nothing of buying thermal socks as a coyote stares at you.


There's even a "shooting gallery" there, where you can fake shoot at targets. I took a photo of this couple because it just made me chuckle, the boots, the cut off t-shirt, the ball cap... very "redneck guy, with his redneck girl" (said in a loving way).


Many areas also have murals on the ceiling, which is new, I haven't seen them since the last time I went years and years ago. They are painted like you're inside of a pond, or from a totally new perspective. You'll see fishing boats from the bottom, guys reaching into the water, ducks swimming with some decoys, etc.



Yep, you saw that right, a price tag for $43,999 for *one* gun. LOL. We spent some time in the specialty collectible gun section as we have a piece we're looking to sell - but it's not $44k. yow.


We only stayed about an hour, as we were waiting for an antique store to open, but we had a lot of fun in that short time frame.

How did I convert my manly man to a girly antique lovin man? LOL.

Don't answer that.


Anonymous said...

Cabelas is better! Long live redneck!

the Goodwife said...

I actually knew where you were from the first pictures, before you even said! We like to go just to look at the displays, Cabela's is neat too!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

In Kansas city, cabela's is definitely better, but Springfield is the holy land. LOL. If you have't been there, go, and you'll see what I mean!

Tracy said...

LOL at your hubby posing,lol.
My hubby loves these types of stores. Hubby loves to go to Cabela's in Rogers Minneasota.
Love the boat, now that is cool.

the Goodwife said...

I've also gotta tell you that for our senior trip in high school we went to Branson and to Bass Pro in Springfield! hehehehe, they don't call us corn fed inbreds for nuttin'!

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