Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas piccie overload

I promised Christmas pictures. There are so many more, but really, I'm not a big fan of christmas photos and I'm tired of uploading! If I missed ya, SORRY!

First.. we spent Christmas eve at Gene's mom and dad's house in KS.

This is Sarah, "trying on" her new jammies.

Oh, if we couldn't all be so excited about the little things.

Gene, unwrapping his teeny tiny crown royal in a really large crown royal bag. My question is, is that bait and switch? What *exactly* happened to the big bag David?

Next, Christmas morning at our house.

Seth mainly got clothes. 19 year olds are hard to buy for. Expecially when they want things like cars and game systems.

Tanner, opening his new cell phone. He's had more in one year than I've had my entire *life*. He's on cell phone buying restriction.

Then we went to Christmas dinner at Amber's house.

Gene and Copper bonded. For some reason, she loved it when gene thumped her on the nose. I think she shoulda bit him.... like I do.
Our last Christmas was at our house on Sunday.

Tayen was much more interested in the boxes than the things in them.

Here is us, getting mom. We bought her a ticket to see John Edward. She's been dying to see him for years. ME TOO. I'm planning on going with her, but have not bought my ticket yet!!

Jingles finally got his christmas gift. A box! He was entertained for quite a while.

Just being cute.

Amber bought Allison a hat. She tried it on, and someone said she looked like she needed to be on Brett Michael's "Rock of love". To which amber was a bit offended as she said they were all skanks. I can't confirm this as I've never seen it. We suggested she do her best skank pose, and this is what she came up with. Personally, I think she looked more like she was line dancing. So according to Amber, if you line dance, you're a skank.

not really, but that outta get her riled up.

Oh Tayen, by the end of the day, I felt like that too.

Four Sisters.

My fav pic of the day... even tho I look like I was drug through a keyhole. We this is our second pic together. That's Chris on the left, then Amber, then Torrie holding her daughter Tayen, then of course, my stunning self.... taken by my SIL Lori.

I know I'm missing pics that help tell the story of the day, but like I said, I am tired of resizing pics. I know. I'm sad.


Now for something more interesting.

Why Do My Cat's Feet Smell like Fritos Corn Chips? Just in case you were wondering.

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