Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mucho Grande Busy

Well, yesterday was mucho busy.

I started out by writing a couple emails, hanging some pics (which still aren't done because I'm not happy with them yet) and then getting gussied up to head to town where I went to my first weight watchers in like 3 weeks.

We missed a week because of Thanksgiving and then I decided to skip last week. I just didn't want to face the piper. But this week I did well, and have resolved to do better. I'm no where near my goal for the year, BUT I am lighter than I started out last year, so if I just continue downward, that's all I care about. WW is starting a new program that's a combination of flex and core plans, and I'm using that as an opportunity to get re-inspired with the program. I'd like to lose 5# during December - which will be hard but not impossible. I'd like to finish up '08 on a positive note.

I then went and ran some errands, avoiding Walmart and going to HyVee instead, which I got irritated as hell because I couldn't find the magical door to Narnia where they keep the raisins. I flat out told a girl {after looking for 10 min} that I was 10 seconds from sitting down my stuff and leaving. All the sudden there were 3 ppl there to help me. Where were you when I was walking aimlessly through the aisles?? Grrr. Helpful smile in every aisle my ass.

So they actually ended up being between bakery and produce facing bakery items, which makes absolutely no sense to me, but to be fair, I have a hell of a time finding them in Walmart too. So my irritation is even on all levels with raisin shopping in Maryville.

When is that Walgreens coming again? And I bet they don't sell raisins. sigh.

So then after the raisin incident of '08, I went home, got ready to go to Iowa to take pics of mom with her dogs for her Christmas cards. Which for the record, Christmas is two weeks from now! :p It didn't help she left her phone at home in her coat pocket and I kept calling. I finally had to call Amber and figure out where the hell she was. LOL.

So do you know how hard it is to wrangle 4 dogs? Not quite as hard as you might think. Treats helped. I set up a tripod in anticipation that I was going to have to combine images to get one good one, after all, who wants a picture of a dog butt or a 1/2 bark? seriously. That meant, one spot, one location, and I thought that might help keep everyone kinda calm. Which worked!

Here's a couple of my favs so far. Before and afters.

I spent a little time chatting with mom, and then had to haul ass home because Tanner had his Christmas program. He's a trumpet player just like his Step dad was :) As usual, I'm up in the nose bleed section, and I swear no matter WHERE I sit, I'm going to be blocked, so I had to move so the conductor wouldn't be in the way.

Here's a pic of him actually playing. Do you realize, that he's been playing for 2.5 years and I have NEVER heard him play in person? Only at concerts. he refuses to practice at home.


We made it home around 7:30 and had a free for all supper. I'm making up for that today. Homemade potato soup. mmm.

Today, I have to get those pics hung, which I'm giving up and getting those 3m hangers because every time I nail, I cringe. I'd rather pay the $$ and be nail free. I also need to kick that dining room some more. It has been a catch all of tools and such ever since *the wedding*. Having a holiday here is a good excuse to organize and clean.

I'd also like to finish wrapping gifts, I'm almost there.

Tomorrow is Laura's baby shower, and then after that I have consultations with 2 brides in North KC. I'm excited!

Busy bees! I must flutter about.

More laters!

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