Wednesday, December 10, 2008

el Diablo is BACK

who is el Diablo? Well, that would be this little demon:

you see, when Gene and I started working in KC, we tended to want to get to work, and home, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now sometimes that meant we got flipped off in the process (and sometimes we were the flipees).

As the time passed, we started making up stories about how the Highway patrol was probably looking out for us, and then they were looking out for that little red el Diablo... setting up stings trying to catch us.

Seriously, we had a lot of time on our hands.

So anyway, poor little Leon the Neon (his other name) has been kinda gimpy lately. He shook like an SOB around 70 mph and it felt like it was going to fly apart around 80 mph. Gene thought maybe it was alignment problem, but I remembered my old Dodge Caravan that we ran into the ground, and how once it did the exact same thing, when we got around to affording a new set of tires, the problem was solved.

So we've had money set aside for like 4 months for tires, but I, being the $$ hoarder, have been putting it off as long as possible, after all I don't drive to KC every day now.

With the threat of crappy weather, which in reality, ended up being nothing but a threat, Gene has been persistent the tires get changed. There was a sale, there was much waiting in a store with no waiting area. Boredom set in deeply, and I came out alive - with 4 new tires. woohoo

So plans change. Things are fluid. I'm in town, I have new tires, I need to see if I can get to warp 9 without flying into bits. I decided to hit St. Joe. I needed some frames for those 3 - 16 x 20's that I bought a couple weeks ago and Walmart had crap. I should have bought them Sunday, but I didn't. Cest la vie.

It was "like buttah". Smooth as glass.

Which is a problem because I'd look down and be gliding along at 80mph. Oops. LOL.


el Diablo is back and has been spotted north of St. Joseph, Missouri, traveling in the northbound lane doing approximately 145 mph, zig zagging and flipping ppl off.

Use force if necessary.

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