Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My favorite photos - 2008

I could not narrow down my very favorite photos for 2008 to just 5 - or even 10. There were so many that weren't just technically spectactular photos, but also photos that reminded me of this year and the things that happened.
Most of these are in random-ish order.
{It's official}
Gene and my engagement picture. Technically, Tanner clicked the shutter.

{The Midway}
Lights of the midway set against the courthouse during the Nodaway County Fair.

{Torrie's Post POST Bridal session}
Torrie was great to play along, and let me take some photos of her for my portfolio, in her wedding dress, a couple YEARS after getting married :)

{Growing up}
A reminder that I'm getting old, and so are my kids. My oldest is a senior - this is my fav senior pic. You know you're getting old when you have to remind your kids to shave.

{I do not have an A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E!}
Maddie, part of a session we did whil they were visiting. One of my top 3 fav portraits for 2008.

{Sunset Kiss}
Amber and Cole, at a fall shoot. This was Amber's fav pic, and mine too! In fact, I caved and let her have the 16 x 24 canvas I had made of it for a Christmas gift. (with the stipulation I get visitiation rights)

{Grandpa Love}
There's just something about this photo, that I love so much. It's not a portrait anyone would buy, but you can see the love between grandpa and his girl. I also love how happy Gene looks. Have I mentioned in the past few days how much I adore that man? It's my desktop wallpaper at the moment.

I waited months for this shot, and it came at the perfect time. After 1/2 year love relationship with the corn, this was saying goodbye.

{Amy and Zac}
This photo nearly made me cry. Not because we are close personal friends, or it was life altering, it was the shot I was going for. It was the shot that made me realize, that this isn't just an accident, my photography, that I *can* create something that I see in my mind, and this was what I was trying to capture.

The weather has been kinda crazy for a year, and we've had many ups and downs from -25 windchill to the surface of the SUN hot. BUT.... I love it here. I love that even when it's so cold you can barely breathe, I can step outside and see literally the entire sky. That things just look different here.

{Welcome to the world little one}
Inspired by another photo I saw, I wanted to capture a tiny piece of life here, throughout the seasons. The tiny sprig, was just an unexpected bonus.

And now a couple photos that I did not take, but were important for our year:

This is my Dad back in the 70's. *this is how I remember him most* He died in June. I'm sure my mom actually took this photo, as I remember the polaroid instant camera we had. And I kinda remember the photo being taken, or maybe I just think I do. Either way, it's my fav pic of my dad.

{Mr. and Mrs. Cease}
July 4, 2008, I married the love of my life.
Photo by Jaime de la Cruz (a very lovely person btw) and post processing by me. I owe to Jaime also, the gift of getting me interested in Flickr. It's because of flickr that I have become intensely interested in making my photos better. I study photos i love and try to figure out how they did it, and how to make myself better. If you want to take better photos, I suggest you do the same. Thank you Jaime!

And now.. for my very favorite photo of 2008:
{Dandelion on a Dewy Day}
I have fallen in love with macros. I love discovering new teeny tiny worlds right in front of you. I love taking a photo, then opening it on my computer, blowing it up and exploring a whole new place never seen before. See the full sized version here.

This photo literally made me gasp when I saw it on my computer. And now it hangs on the wall in my living room in 16 x 20 size. And I still sit and stare at it sometimes.

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