Monday, December 1, 2008

The Season is here...

Now that I got that out of the way, Happy December.

Today it really feels like the holiday season. I'm itching to wrap presents, listen to christmas music (cept I sold my stereo lol), decorate the tree. But instead I get "fun" stuff to do, you know, like buy tires and go to the bank.

General type sucky-ness.

Guess what new toy I got?

I've been needing a new computer for going on about 3 years now.. maybe 4. I *hate* with an absolute passion, setting up new computers, transfering files from the old to the new, saving bookmarks so I can find them again, getting programs from my old computer to the new on (which I think is going to majorly cost me big).

Gene just wants to go on the internet without pages lagging. 1/2 of that is computer, the other half is my slow dsl via {embarq embarq embarq} lol. Dude I'm not asking for a T-1 connection, but something better than the absolute lowest connection would be kinda nice.

I'm considering switching to satellite.

We have snow. It started on Saturday (i think, I can't remember now) and didn't stop all day. Just enough to cover the dirty looking ground. This was taken from the back door. I'm not a huge fan of the snow. That and I only had on pj's and flip flops.

And look what other "special gift" I have:

He just showed up about 4 days ago. Ran up to us when we got home and was like "oh thank god you finally got home". He adopted us. He has a flea collar, and is INCREDIBLY friendly. He was also super hungry. So either he got lost, or someone ditched him. I'm hoping he's just lost.

At first I was cool with him being around because he is so sweet and it never hurts to have less mice outside (which with no corn for cover, the critters come out), but then it snowed, and I really felt super guilty.

He made a nest in some cardboard boxes next to the dryer vent. *guilt mode ON* So today, we travel to all the neighbors within a mile or so, I'll leave a note if I can't find his home, and then he's going to the pound. No worries, we have a no kill shelter and I am so confident, that he'll find a home because of how loving and friendly he is.

No, I don't want to keep him inside. I have 2 boys inside now, and they barely tolerate each other let alone some different colored man cat stranger.

Need a kitty?

He loves to sit on your shoulders and buzz around your head in a big circle. And he hugs.

Sunday we went to Mom's for Thanksgiving. Almost everyone was there - mom kicked some serious ass on dinner. We were ugly stuffed, think ppl laying in the floor taking naps. Nope, I didn't take one single photo

Other things to do today:

Get my nails done, edit a couple sessions - I'm hell bent on getting them FINSIHED, Buy a christmas pressie online, buy provisions - seriously, where we'll put them I don't know, we're overwhelmed with food, email some proposals for pics, pick up a check from a client... busy busy. But mainly, find a way to shake the weird dream I had this morning. I had a dream that a friend from high school, broke into my house while Gene and I were in Canada at a conference (for what I don't know). She called me from my house to threaten me with things she found in my house from 2002. WTH? LOL.

*that was one of the more normal ones I have*

Think Salvador Dali and Melting Watches kinda crap.

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