Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful, me, I got... a rifle.

I woke up this morning to my usual crazy dreams. I really prefer just to not dream as the ones I have are so *out there* that they stick with me, or wake me up.

This morning there were two. First one was of me giving painless birth to a baby in the back of my old dodge caravan. yes it was Gene's. LOL. An insurance agent was driving us someplace - the hospital I assume, and I assume it was her.. you know... because of the tornado that just picked up the van and shook it about a bit and sat it back down.

I was looking out the back window and saw her drive over a briefcase and MADE her turn around to get it. I got out (remember it was a painless birth) looked at the briefcase and it was full of papers that had been written by my dad, and the first one i picked up said how babies were blessings sent from god, so I sat in the middle of a hilly rural highway and started crying.

So Dad, if that was you, you should know now that I can't have any more kids. *clip clip*. Let me direct you to Amber's house, she's about an hour away up in Lenox. I also hear that Torrie has an available uterus.

Just sayin.

The second dream this morning was at my parents house. Dad was alive now, and mom and dad had some sort of business where they hired lots of ppl. Many of them lived in their house, which seemed big in the dream, but it's really not a huge house.

They needed to hire a Santa Claus and I was asleep when they hired him. Then when I went to sit in the basement (near his room that he rented from my parents) at my sewing machine, when I sewed a long piece of fabric it was all oily.

I went to Santa and he did a back flip out of bed. I said "Did you oil my sewing machine?" And he said "no". I said, "I know you did because I saw you there when I woke up." He finally admitted to it and said that it needed oiled and worked on.

I ripped Santa a new one telling him how the oil has to be cleaned up, and now the work I was working was RUINED.

Man was I pissed.

Somehow those 2 dreams in my sleepiness went together. LOL. Now you get a glimpse into the inner workings of my nighttime head.


When I did get up this morning, it was because there was a "knocking" on my window. That knocking was the wind rattling the windows. I got up, came into the kitchen and it was snowing big time.

{Speaking of Santa}

The falling snowflakes were so pretty, don't mind the dirty car, I live on a gravel road.

So I really wanted a pic of the tree in the winter time, remember the fall leave pic I took of this tree? Well, I want to do one for every season, and since it was snowing big fat snowflakes, I thought now would be a good time for his winter shoot.

This is the shot I was going for, only in vertical. Since I shot off about 10 pics as fast as I could this one is going to have to be it, only cropped. Gene would probably kick my butt for taking out my camera on a super snowy day, so I took myself, my camera, a towel to lay on, a towel to wrap my camera in, a hat, scarf, coat, gloves.

In all the may lay, I forgot to set my iso AND my white balance. DOH. It turned out VERY BLUE, but since it looks cool, I'm leaving it. Probably better than if I'd done it RIGHT.

I need to put Tara Whitney's 4 rules on the back of my camera until it becomes a habit. I get in a hurry or distracted and forget. Oops. Good advice there.

Mom gave me some $$ for a camera "something" for Xmas. I can't decide if I want a new flash (very boring but needed) or a new lens (very fun but how bad do I need it? and should I kick in more $$ for a better lens?)

Then there's part of me that wants an inexpensive studio kit complete with stands and lights. I might wait til after Xmas to see if I get anything camera related so I don't overlap. LOL.

*hint to my husband who never reads the blog*

Oh, and kittykitty went to the shelter yesterday :( I hate to see him go and felt kinda like I abandoned him. He was so sweet and loving. But I'm sure he appreciates a warm place to sleep, especially today. I hope that someone gives him a home soon.

I have to go to town today. I sure don't want to. It's going to end up at walmart, which I suppose if I have to go, a good day to go is on a snow day, in the middle of the daytime when ppl are supposed to be at work.

I'm also going to decorate the tree some more. I worked on it a bit last night. it's taking a while because I'm sorting ornaments as I go, that and I'm not super into it this year, and also, where are my garlands? The tree doesn't look "right". I might have to go buy some. Did I ditch them last year for some reason??

I'll share my all pink Christmas tree - maybe today, maybe tomorrow. It rocks.

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