Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Super. Powerful.

Christmas preparations are coming along nicely... and slowly... nice and slowly. LOL. I've resigne to the fact that I will just add a couple things a day. Which is perfectly fine with me, and ever changing for Tanner and Gene.

This fall, Amber, Mom and I went to a craft show in Clarinda. Now, you all know I like creepy cat/pumpkin faces for halloween, but when I found this creepy snowman pillow, I so had to have it!

I almost have all my Christmas shopping not only done, but almost everything wrapped too. Last year, I bought a bunch of nice hard boxes with christmas print at 90% off after xmas. Normally $3 for $.30. sweet. Makes it easier to wrap, plus less trash in the landfills.

And just to keep it fun to unwrap, I used some pretty twill tape that I have left from when I was doing more scrapbook stuff to tie everything up. Some leftover shipping tags and voila!

Speaking of December. Sounds like one heck of a storm is coming this direction. Actually, I think it's supposed to hit KC worse than us, and I'm ok with that. Part of me wanted to keep Tanner home, because I kinda expected a 1/2 day anyway (1 p.m. and it's not started yet). I figured we could clean, decorate and play christmas music all day.

Instead, I edited some pics that I was not enjoying for some reason. Probably because I needed to overexpose part of the session so it meant a lot of extra work to fix it.
And totally not related to the topic, but we've determined that Gene has a super power. We call him "Geneferno". Ya see, he seems to run a low grade fever *all the time* (that's probably what helps keep his metabolism up and built like a 22yo... bastard).

His power:
  • He can melt butter with his bare hands.
  • He can heat up the bed 10% faster than a NORMAL human being.
  • He can work outdoors.. without gloves.


So of course, I needed to be his sidekick... so I said "HEY! You know what my super power is????" His answer: "Sarcasm". LOL. Which is so funny because he beat me to it. He seems to think that my super powers work only on him. It's kinda true.

Geneferno and Sarcasm girl.

Here to warm you up, and then


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