Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Year in Review

I thought I'd do a recap of what happened this past year. There are many year in review websites that tell what happened to the WORLD, but I'm going to share what happen to just *us*.

  • seriously. Nothing. LOL. No exciting blog posts, no pictures. Only thing we really did was visit some friends of ours in KC.

  • Miss Ester was born on Ground Hogs day. I still haven't heard if she saw her shadow or not.

  • The glass shop moved to Olathe
  • Tayen was born
  • I got my Cricut {I love you Cricut.... oh, and Tayen too, but not Kenton}

  • We left Kenton Glass
  • Gene started a new job in St. Joe
  • Life got better
  • Foot got worse, it was the beginning of foot HELL.

  • Had a herd of racoons living under the house
  • DOCTOR Becky Graduated from KU
  • and they moved to PA. :(
  • David Cook won American Idol (new idol starting SOON)
  • Went to the zoo with Gene on memorial weekend
  • had a big assed flood

  • The corn was planted around the house, we planted 5 new trees next to the house. Only 40 more to go.
  • Spent a day cropping with Stacy and Linda.
  • Dad passed away on June 23rd.


  • Got Married!
  • Cheyenne, Madison and Cadience stayed with us for 3 weeks.
  • Crop dusters visited us on a regular basis.
  • Bought a pool.
  • Went to the fair.


  • School starts again - Seth is a Senior, Tanner an 8th grader
  • Had my class reunion, but skipped out of most of it
  • Bobby cut off a significant part of his hand
  • Gene replumbed the house.


  • Tanner turns 14
  • Went to Santacaligon Days with mom, Amber and Torrie - and eventually Gene too
  • Took the pool down :(
  • Got my 50mm F1.8 lens


  • Had the Bridal Fair that went AMAZING
  • The economy goes to hell in a handbasket, and takes gas prices with it
  • Got a new foundation on the house
  • Installed a new back door
  • Removed the deck from the front of the house
  • Finished up the new website -


  • Went out and got ourselves a new president. Good luck with that.
  • Had a big assed garage sale. No really. Big.
  • Got my Canon 30D
  • The corn was harvested
  • Thanksgiving at Carol's
  • After thanksgiving at mom's
  • Black Friday shopping with Mom and Amber
  • Seth turned 19!
  • Bought a new computer


  • 2 ice storms - both sucked
  • Quite a bit of snow, which I actually didn't mind
  • Chris and Amy and the girls came to KS to surprise Gene and visit family
  • Went to Laura's baby shower
  • Ordered my new 70-200mm F4L ef lens
  • Christmas eve at Carols, christmas morning here, Christmas afternoon with Amber, Full blown family christmas here the 28th
  • New years Eve dinner tonight, with my husband. I get to pick!

We're terribly exciting ppl aren't we? LOL

I posted here 210 times in 2008, so my first resolution for '09 is to beat that number!! Whoooop.

Going to think about my resolutions, and accomplishments for '08 - those I'll post tomorrow, if I get around to it. Gene has the day off so maybe we'll go do something fun!!



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