Tuesday, December 23, 2008


1. I don't really like the Ultra Concentrated Joy Antibacterial dishwashing liquid I bought. It's certainly not ultra, nor concentrated, so I'm placing some doubts on the antibacterial claim.

2. I don't know if it's losing weight, or the cold weather, or both, but my wedding ring is spinny and loose. Now why would my body think that the appropriate place to lose more weight is my hands? May I direct you body, to my ass.

3. Watch for falling ice! Took Tanner to do his paper route, and as I approached the highway at the end of our road, I slowed down a bit more than usual because it's so slick out. A 20 foot section of ice fell off the telephone line right in front of my car. Had I been driving like usual, I would have a broken windshield right now.

4. Speaking of falling ice. It's warming up. The ice is melting. THANK GOD because I'm tired of sliding around. Except for our road, it's still a sheet of ice.

5. I guess our county grader is tired of talking to us. He came through and graded the ice for us, putting some nice little lines in it for traction, and he kicked up some gravel. Last winter, didn't come through here one single time. He probably got tired of us complaining directly *to him* how poorly he was keeping this road up. Tis true.

6. So much work left to get done. Glad family christmas isn't until Sunday. Major house cleaning after Christmas. BUT, still have food to make for tomorrow, a couple gifts to wrap, one to put together, 2 to make. *seriously*. And I must vacuum. The carpet is bleh. Note to my family - if a bit of dust is gonna get you worked up. Don't come :p

7. Made christmas cookies with Tanner yesterday. Not too bad except they give me heartburn. Not looking forward to the almond bark pretzels he wants to make. ARGH. Those things are like heroin. I want to finish the year down about 5 more pounds. This shall be a challenge.

8. I'm fairly certain the neighbor's dog is insane. Not only did he wake me up a few days ago by barking every 3 seconds - to the point that I had to get up and look out the window and make sure someone wasn't dead in the middle of the road. Nope. Just needed to bark a bit I suppose. Today, I found him laying in the middle of our road. You know, the one covered in ice. Just laying there, taking a lie-in. DOGS!

9. Working on a christmas week type album. A bit of info for each day. Ali Edwards is working on a christmas month album, and that was *too much* for me to know I'd be able to keep up with. Lots going on this week to document. I'll share some pics later.

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