Monday, December 29, 2008

super catch up post


That was quite a ride! I'm sort of glad that Christmas is now over, but also, kinda sad to see it go. This was the first year that I really didn't loath it by the time the 26th rolled around. 2 things that I did different this year, was I did not send out christmas cards (well, I sent a couple, and intended to send a couple more, but wasn't having fun, so I didn't - thus the photo below - it was my christmas card to you). I also took my sweet time putting out christmas decor. In fact, the final pieces I bought *after* Christmas and put them up on the 27th.

I think to make it stay "fun" I'm going to take it down about as slow as I put it up. I really don't have a ton of stuff anymore, what will take the longest is the Christmas tree as I have hundreds of ornaments (and got rid of quite a few too). It will probably be last to go.

Another thing that I did to make Christmas go more "fun" was not to worry as much about the photos. On-camera flash was ok. Slightly blurry is ok too. Of course I wasn't going to go without taking photos, but I just didn't worry so much about perfect photos. Speaking of which, I'll share those photos in a separate post as there are a lot over 4 days, it makes life easier.

Christmas eve was spent at Bud and Carol's house. Steve got to make it, as he did not go out on the road like scheduled. That was good to be home for Christmas, the bad side to that is no pay! Laura is about to pop - we all made guesses at what day she'll go. I said the 27th, so I was WRONG. Cross your fingers that she makes it past the first so she doesn't have to pay her deductible twice.... heh. No really!

Everyone did a good job of giving gifts, I swear Gene's family knows me better than I thought. Becky and David gave me some Prima scrapbooking flowers that I'd only picked up and put back 3 times. Carol gave me a WHOLE LOT of placemats - there were some Christmas ones (which I used in the above pic) and some cabin style ones. She also gave me a really pretty red necklace and earrings. Laura and Steve got me a beautiful pink scarf. Somehow, Ester knows 4 words - dada, banana and "crown royal". She bought uncle gene a teeny tiny bottle. I bet she was a sight at the liquor store.

It was a Shiatsu christmas at Cease Fire Ranch. I bought Gene a chair massager we both fell in love with, and he bought me a foot and neck massager. At this point, there's really no need to get out of bed other than to go to the bathroom and I'm sure one could make arrangements for that if need be :p Gene also got me a beautiful necklace, which I didn't even get to wear, the connection was bad, so I have to take it back and have it fixed since it was handmade. I also got that nailer that I've been wanting, now I need an air compressor!! I really really hate nailing finish nails. Tanner got me some candles and some new slippers that I needed badly as I was being cheap and wearing 2 mismatched slippers. Really. They were both black, but one was fuzzy, and one was just fluffy. Both were worn out. Seth got me some floor mats for the car, and god knows I needed them. I got tired of the ones I had and finally tossed them in the trunk. I don't know what happened to them after that!

After our Christmas morning, the boys went over to their dad's house and Gene and I went to Iowa and had lunch with Amber and Cole. Mom was there and my uncle Kermit and aunt Karen were surprise last minute guests too. I haven't seen them in a while, so it was good to see them again. Gene had a great time playing with Copper. We're considering getting a boxer, but I'm having a hard time committing to it.

Friday after Christmas, Amber, Tanner and I went shopping and had fun. Tanner did not as he missed out on getting to go to a few shops. You see, my STUPID CAR just wouldn't start after getting gas. Just nothing. I knew what the problem was. We needed new battery cables and had this problem not too long ago, but gene kinda rigged it. This wonderful helpful gentleman stopped and tried to jump us, but I knew it was not going to work, and in the end, I had to pop the clutch. I felt so back woods, but it got us home! I did not want to stop anyplace else, so we didn't get to see a couple places.

Saturday was cleaning day. I had a lot to do, which it looked like, but really not as much as I expected. My biggest problem is really no storage so things have to sit around where I can look at them. These include the plastic storage tubs that I "inherited". Great to store stuff in to keep bugs and *water* out... ;) But sucky when you have so many there's no place to put them. I have started to give them away to ppl. Seriously, how many can one person really need? I gave away a bunch of laundry baskets too. 1. That's all you really need. And it needs to be empty most of the time. I have 2. and it's too many. Anyway, I admitted to myself that the cute guestroom will have to be the cute guestroom/storage room temporarily and my dining room can stay cleared out. I truely think the dining room is a huge waste of space. I wish I could find a way to utilize it more than it is now. I suppose when the bar stools are in, and the bookcase/bar is built, it will be more interesting. Pics someday when that happens.

Yesterday was Christmas with my family here. Everyone made it except Darrell - Torrie's husband. He had to work. 19 people in total. It was kinda tight, but we had fun - I think everyone had fun anyway. We had way too much candy - thanks mom. And not enough Veggies. Thank god I had some canned veggies in the cabinet. I would do it again, but it would be Carol style - frozen lasagnas (which btw, were very good). Seems like life would be much easier. AND, I just used paper plates despite my china fetish - I just didn't want to do that many dishes. I made a ham (ehhh.. it was ok) and a Turkey - it was pretty good.

I was definitely glad the day was over.

Today was spent doing dishes, and some laundry. I had to cut it short because I had a meeting with a bride (whom btw, is AWESOMELY sweet.. Hi Amy!) I also was in recycling heaven. I feel kinda lame, but I sorted through all of the christmas wrapping again. LOL. I separated the paper/plastic/ribbon. Kept a couple boxes, and most of the tissue. The trash/recycling man will be miserable Wednesday.

I think that catches us up to now. Not mind altering, amazing stuff. Just what I've been doing. I will post some pictures. Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow.

I'm also going to share my favorite 10 pics from 2008, what I've accomplished this year, and what are my goals for the next year. Yes I know it's cliche, but I'm totally fine with being a lamb and making resolutions on the first of January.

More tomorrow. I want to scrapbook!!

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