Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am invincible, I am INVINCIBLE .. I am... DOHHHH.

One of the ornaments from our tree. They were inexpensive, but I love these little candy cane type decorations. Traditionally, I like the old school 50's - 70's decor, with a splash of 1940's, but something about the swirly red and white makes me smile.

We did a good job of getting in the holiday spirit today. Gene was actually in the mood to do a little shopping {after a bit of a rough start} We went to bedford to see a door mom thought would be cool for the house, and as much as I agree, it was a lot of work, and I think a bit overpriced, instead we found an awesome dresser that we're going to convert into our island, at least that's the plan.

We stopped at a couple shops in bedford, including some antique stores and a neat little craft store, then came to town to stop at the new ReStyle shop by Sonja in Salon 1. (next to hineline). Stop in for some cute christmas gifts!!

Since we were out, we hit JCPenney and I got a couple shirts, and a little dress for the adopt a kid program I do every year for christmas.

Finished up at walmart, getting *one more* thing for madison (who does not NEED ANYTHING ELSE lol), another toy for the adopt a kid program - and something for Bud and Carol. :p

What I've been doing the past couple days:

More doors. I made a list of about 6 things to get done by xmas, and finishing up Tanner's door and the guest room door was at the top of the list. Tanner's door was kicking my ass tho, and I'd just looked at it for 2 months.

Finally, Thursday morning I decided that was the day, I was going to conquer that door. I kept my wits about me, didn't get impatient... but essentially, the entire door had to come off before I could fix it. that sucked. I finally figured out that not only is the header not level, but the door is not perfectly square. *sigh* they don't take much pride in these houses when they build them. We're trying to make something long lasting out of something that ppl didn't care about.

Anyway, the door now, PERFECT!! I stained it on Friday, and put the knob on this morning. It needs a couple putty holes filled and then DONE. (aside from all of them needing a coat of varnish.

Nicest one yet! Too bad I'm nearly done installing doors.

We're off to the dinner theatre tonight. 4 Christmas and roast beef sandwiches.

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