Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kickin' it Old school

{Jingles - last night as he was "helping me" print photos}

I actually got to check a lot of things off my to do list yesterday. My nails got done, which was good because when they get too long, they hurt and it's hard to type, and dude, you don't want me not being able to type do you???


I spent 1/2 hour hitting all the houses in the area, cept one, looking for the owners of the cat. Now mind you, I'm kinda suspicious that the cat belongs to the neighbors down the road. Sadly, they have a trillion cats, all of them some shade or variation of black and all cold and hungry. *sigh* I pulled into the driveway, and then refused to leave him. I just turned around and left. Life would not be better if he got to stay. So, I hit a few other houses just in case, no takers. I took him all the way into town to go to the shelter, pull into the lot, and DAMMIT, they are closed on Mondays.

He hates the car, and doesn't like the cat carrier much either. Good luck getting him into that AGAIN. Sigh. He'll go into town today.

While digging for a small plain photo album, I found these pics in an older album that I had. I forgot that I had stuck them in there:

Probably circa 2002. I can't quite remember what year, but I do know that the barn is now a John Deere dealership in Maryville. LOL. The soybeans around the barn were all dry, and it was so perfect. I bought these overalls on the internet and had our own little "shoot"

Seth {now 19} I think would be around 11-12, which would make Tanner around 7. I feel old.

This is probably one of my favorite pics of all time. I told Tanner to look down, and for set to bend over and tell Tanner a secret. All film.

Sometimes I really miss film, I do think that they are less work in the end, and when you do it right, they just look better than digital.

I've been searching for this pic for about 2 years! I knew I had it, but couldn't find it. I found the negatives the other day, but couldn't tell which pic it was. I'm planning on getting a big 20 x 30 gallery wrap canvas to hang in my house of this pic. I *love* it.

Have a few things to get done today, we have a few surprise xmas gifts to work on, I will probably decorate the tree today, at least a little bit of it anyway as it's sitting there all nakie with nothing but some white lights. I also need to finish cleaning up around here.

Vacuums are our friend.

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