Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There. I posted already.

Hello again. I'm posting finally so TN will stop checking my blog 14 times a day. I know I am awesome and interesting, but really... get out more.

Saturday, I got up early, which in itself is sad because that's supposed to be lie-in day, packed myself up - just me - and head off for KS for Laura's baby shower. I did not get lost one single time. Go me. I now can drive to Mary's house without directions because once I get it right without mistakes, I'll remember how to get there forever.

We had a lovely brunch, and Laura opened some really nice gifts. Stephanie helped, and entertained herself with bows.

After the shower, I headed back for North KC and made the huge tactical error to try to cut from 435 across Barry, but oops, there was a bridge out. I prayed the van ahead of me was trying to get back on Barry too. They were. Blind faith got me there with about 5 min to spare but the parking lot was PACKED FULL. No kidding, I've never seen the Boardwalk like this before *ever*.

I met with my 2 brides, and both meetings went well. Both brides were really sweet and sounds like they're going to have lovely weddings.

Of course, what is a trip to the boardwalk, without stopping at Archivers? Seriously. I dropped cash there. Probably not a lot compared to some sb'ers, but a lot for me. I had coupons. I haven't been for a while. I had catching up to do. Nuff said.

Gene and Tanner stayed home and cleaned up the mess left from the guy that put up the foundation. We're going to have to rent a truck in the spring to go to the landfill, but in the meantime, it's no longer in my driveway. Much better!!

I've been decorating. Have Christmas at your house, that will get things cleaned, put away and/or decorated. I'm actually very glad because the only thing I had on my walls for almost a year was a deer head, and that's so not my style (the deer head and no decor).

I got my 3 prints hung. I couldn't bear to crop Jiggly-puff out of the pic :)
I like it, but it's pretty dark. I might end up painting the inner part of the frame cream colored.

All three pics were taken here at "the ranch".

The christmas decor is in full force and I'm STILL NOT DONE! Tanner and I put a huge dent in the dining room on Sunday afternoon/eve. The buffet that I have in my dining room, will eventually be my master bath double sink, but in the meantime, it's just in my dining room looking like it belongs there, unless you open a drawer, and you see that it's really a great big tool chest.

My tea set, center stage

I love this big star. I bought it at Gordmans (the only time I've been to one, which is Amber's fav store and she shops there all the time. grr lol). The black background it's hanging on, is actually a table top. I bought it at a garage sale, and it will eventually be used when we build our entertainment center. Until then, it's "art".

I actually was going to give away this snowman set, but decided that I needed a little something to go with my big huge vases of flowers.

This wire tree about made it to the donation bin too. I've had it for years, it was originally where I held my shiny bright collection before I very much outgrew it. But, it got a reprieve and holds all solid shiny brights, and turned out kinda pretty. That makes the 5th christmas tree. What's wrong with me?
Don't answer that.

My favorite stuff to decorate with is of course my old ornaments. I swear I was born at the wrong time, because I love the old christmas decor (and halloween and easter too). I'm slowly getting rid of the "new" stuff and replacing it with old stuff. The little chair was actually Torrie's when she was little, she didn't want it so it became mine, it found a perfect spot under the light tree to hold annie and my stocking from when I was a little girl.
I have part of an old red/white quilt that I just wrap around the base and I put my empty shiny brite boxes there, and this year I added my "new" roller skates like they're a new christmas present (back in 1954 maybe).

So today, I'm enjoying the snow from the window, trying to finish up my christmas wrapping and nearly there. I have a few things to make or assemble. I'm going to try to get that bathroom cabinet hung so I can get it out of the middle of the floor. I have a dollhouse that needs some love - well, honestly I have 2 that need some love. Gotta catch up on some emails and the good old stand by - pay bills.

All this from my jammies. I think I'm going to avoid walmart, although I keep forgetting to buy adhesive so I can finish my christmas cards - all 3 of them. :p

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