Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gene got a new job!

We've been keeping this secret for a while now, but Gene is gone. He left the day after Christmas. He just got off in Anchorage!! He'll be in the Bering sea for 2 weeks on his NEW JOB!


He went through the screening/tryout process and they decided they wanted an old guy for the next season of Deadliest Catch. That's him right next to the logo!! Go Old guys!

Course he's the new guy, so he'll be on bait. I'm sure it'll be an interesting show, and I'm betting they'll make HIM bait.

He better bring home some bank on this job!


(If you made it this far, sorry, he's not on DC, I just like me some photoshop. That is him tho, shortly after our latest snow storm. Sadly we don't get paid for that)

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