Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mmm..... cold

You would think for the amount of time, and effort that's been put into getting ready for this ginormous cold *box*, I would have shared sooner.

I suck.

It's been an obsession, with a looming deadline, and so I suppose I needed a day or two to decompress. Either that, or I needed a day to clean. And paint. And seal granite. Nothing better than a holiday to make you get yourself in gear!


This is the monster. Her name is Maggie. She's a big girl, but I love her anyway, I mean really, she has such a pretty face, and what a great personality!! As you can see, Berta had to go. Thanks Grandma for letting me have Berta (that you weren't using anymore). Yes she's kinda ugly, and toward the end (ok, the last 9 months) I gave up on keeping her clean. I mean come on.. you can put lipstick on a hog and well.. you know the rest.

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm....
cheating on Berta?

You can see, that we gained around 10 cubic feet of storage. That's when I determined that we didn't really have that much food... so I bought groceries! In return, I lost about 4 square feet of my kitchen, but I think it was a fair trade off.


It was quite a production getting in the house. For example, *I* had to remove the door to the *house* Yes, the house. They had to remove the door(s) to the fridge. There was quite literally, about 1/2" to spare.

Remember when a refrigerator was just a big box that kept you from dying by keeping your food fresher longer? That's it, nothing fancy. Your choices were olive green or harvest gold and you could have your handle on the left or the right. Then somewhere, some brilliant, brilliant person (most likely a woman) decided it would be cool to get cold water *right* out of the refrigerator door without even opening it.

And the clouds parted, and angelic music floated down from the heavens.

Now you can get fridges that cost more than a new car. (Yes, but I've never actually seen one in person. I'd probably be laughed out of the store). The do fancy stuff like talk to you, give you exactly 1 2/3 cups of water, or 1 liter, whichever you'd like in your recipe and a digital frame right in the door. Yep, those cold boxes have come a long way.

I did search high and low tho, and could NOT find harvest gold. I do, however, have a couple cans of spray paint. I can fix this problem like *that*.

PS. Jingles still can't figure out what that rattling noise is every 47 minutes (ice maker), and comes running into the kitchen trying to inspect. I'm praying he never figures out the water in the door thing.

That would be bad.
and amusing.
but not to Gene.

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