Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet Abbey and Anthony - Getting Engaged


Meet Abbey and Anthony. They are engaged.
You'd like them, I know it. Cuz dude, they're so easy to like.

They look pretty serious in the top picture, only because I made them look serious, not because they WANT to be. Anthony is a comic, so I "get it" Abbey. Guys that make ya laugh, are very attractive. Now, how can I back out of this without making it sound like I'm attracted to a client. lol.

I kinda picture the 2 of them, as a NW Missouri Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. something like that.

This photo is more appropriate for their personalities:


This is at the kissing bridge at the college. I almost always start students at the kissing bridge, but this one was particularly important because.... that's the first place they kissed.

I wonder if she laughed like that then.




I've been wanting to do this shot for a while, and they were so game. It's particularly funny because of him being slighly shorter than her, and totally being ok and happy with that. I've been looking for the perfect couple to do this with for a while now ;)




We were heading to my house, to find a bean field, and chasing the sun as it dabbled in and out of the clouds. I literally pulled over and turned us around to get this shot. (and the last one). Glad I did, as when we got to my house (where all the beans are!) The sun was very low.


American Gothic.


And my fav pic of the whole series:


I really am looking forward to their wedding, they are happy and excited and really down to earth!

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