Thursday, December 17, 2009

My life by bullet points.

Wow.. I really need to get back on a regular posting schedule. At one point I was posting every. single. day. This has been the busiest time of the year, and I am not having the time for everything like I used to. Plus things have seemed boring lately, so sheesh.... who wants to read my shower schedule.

I'm going to try to finish strong.. I'm almost to one of my new years resolutions!!

In the meantime, here's my life in a big ol update:


  • Made a huge tactical error last night... I drank a diet coke a dinner... I was up until 3:30 a.m. This is weird because *sometimes* I'll have one if we go out to dinner and don't have any problems. I was bogeying for a coke, so I had one. *huge huge mistake* I'll not do that again!

    The up side is, after laying in bed staring at the darkness for 45 min, I got up for a while, and started decorating for christmas. I'd probably be done by now had a big snowstorm not come along and snowed in all my decorations in the storage unit.

  • I still have shopping to do. I've been to walmart 3 times this week, and have spent over $500, and still am not done.. and I don't even remember what kind of stuff I got! THAT SUCKS. Christmas with my family is Sunday. I suppose I should go buy those ppl something. You know, since I'm related to them and all.

    Note: Stop buying crap for Amber.. she's not even one of the names I got! ;P

  • Hosting Christmas at my house for all the indigents that don't have someplace else to be on christmas day. Like me. Guess that means I need to decorate eh? Bah Humbug.

  • Have a wedding on Saturday, it's going to be a really long day. I will probably end up spending the night in Omaha. Cross your fingers for good weather. I'm betting it will be beautiful at christmas time!

  • Sent actual cards this year. Those that get them will think they are pretty cool. Yeah they are very different. I'll share with everyone on Christmas eve. A hint, Tanner had to help me with them! They each cost $1.05 to mail! I won't do that again!

  • Shipped off all my christmas gifts yesterday. Yeah, kinda late but I think I'll be ok. Spent a FORTUNE. I had a pkg to canada that was slightly over 4 pounds. .4 ounces to be exact. I decided to take out the christmas card and mail seperately... that saved me $11!!! Guess what ppl, next year it's gift cards. Wouldn't YOU rather have that $ as opposed to the post office? Yeah me too.

  • I saw the STRANGEST thing yesterday. You all know that I'm obsessed with planes, moreso since weird goings on have been happening this year. (low flying planes). Yesterday I was going to the car, hear something, looked up and it was a VERY low flying jet. I'd guess probably around 10,000 feet max. As a matter of perspective, if a regular flying over jet would be say, 1/4".. then this jet was 3.5"!! I could count the engines on it with my naked eye. No it was not military, but I couldn't read a tail. It was going east, then slowly turned south over my house. I'm going to guess KCI, but that's a long assed approach. Bet it was a bumpy ride. Nope, no pics.. camera wasn't ready... like USUAL!

  • Tried to get my car worked on yesterday. The heater is not getting hot.. just warm. Everyone thinks it needs a heater core flush. Took it in, and the guys just sat there for an hour doing nothing (well past my appt). Finally decided I had so many things to do I could no longer wait. They were very "ehhh" about it. Now I need to find a new shop. sigh.

  • Project 365.. 2 weeks from being finished. YES. I had a week of hardly taking any pics at all tho :( I'm going to party so hard when this is done. *so very close*

  • Another post soon, you'll want to read it! Hopefully this afternoon!

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