Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Important things here!

Three things...

1. This post marks a milestone. Post #365 this year. This was one of my new years resolutions, one post for every day of the year. Thank god June-August carried me, I've been a slacker this fall.

Go me... I accomplished *something* this year!

Gene and I tried to kill each other ONLY 7 times over the weekend.


Yep, we did the cabinet alterations.
You see, we bought a new fridge. Awesome right? Well, we kinda found what we wanted, fell in love, THEN measured the hole.

Tactical error on Gene's part.
Not mine.

Decided we still wanted it anyway, and bought it. Then had to figure out how to make it fit. LOL. Yes, sometimes we're the three stooges of home improvements.

I knew it was going to be *super fun*, but with the deadline of delivery, and christmas, and guests, well, I couldn't put it off any longer. Kinda like how I put off tiling for a whole year. ;)

There was some cussing, and only one threat of leaving the cabinet there, but we made it. We made it through making one cabinet 3 inches smaller (quite a feat), we made it through raising the uppers 2 inches. We made it through ripping out a lower that I JUST FINISHED. We made it through adding a new upper in front of the old upper, to make the fridge more built in. We're still married!!

3. To celebrate those other two things (well, 3 if you count the still married part), I've decided to give away a $20 gift card to Lowes! Get yourself a lamp, or a kick ass hammer. Or give it to your dad for his birthday and pretend like you bought it.

Whatever you do, you will have to pass one test first. Answer this question. "What was your last accomplishment." It might be "I woke up." or it might be "I ran a triathalon" Whatever you're proud of today!

Second rule is, you can only enter one time. I know things. trust me on this. Enter more than once and I'll spank you... with a sock full of rocks.

Third rule is, you must come back to claim your prize! I'll announce it on Monday!

now GO make something! Even if it's just a boring old kitchen cabinet!


Stacey said...

The latest thing I accomplished was making it through a productive night at work;even though I was running on a few hours sleep in a 48 hour stretch! Now, off to bed!

erinlou80 said...

Yesterday, I accomplished subbing for 1st grade with a head cold. Doesn't seem like much, but trust me.

skgberry said...

I got that stack of exam papers graded!

Dustbunnies said...

I helped dd make buche de noel

Jen said...

My latest accomplishment: sewing a tot sized apron for my nephew. And it's CUTE!

mariward said...

My latest accomplishment was sleeping 6 hours last night. My 8 week old son has hardly let me sleep the 2 previous nights(3 hours one night and 4 the next). Look out world...I'm rested and HERE I COME!

Carody said...

My latest accomplishment was, as my husband calls it, "Kicking Cancer's Can"!!! I finished treatment in late October, and am currently working on growing my hair back. And it's still red! Woohoo!!

Carody said...

That's my wig in the picture up there, by the way. Cute, no?

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