Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Room Tour - Kansas City Downtown Hyatt Regency

P Dub is currently on her book tour. Yep. I missed it.
No, I'm never going to stop belly aching about it either.

Gene and I recently went to KC on a getaway... kind of a spur of the moment deal, and so I thought it would be fun to do a hotel tour of the room we got.

We got a standard double room. I really wanted to get a king, but I knew we'd be arriving late enough in the day, on a Saturday, that they'd be gone.. and they were. So Kenneth, the wonderful clerk at the front desk, hooked me up with the 30th floor instead!



Very spacious, clean, awesomely comfy beds.
I need one.

I had the best night sleep in ages.

Maybe it was because we slept in seperate beds. Hmm.
Maybe we need twins at home, like Ozzie and Harriet.



Lots of granite and hardwood cabinets. Decorated really nicely.


I love me some black granite! I'll share my kitchen pics soon, and you'll "get it". SUPER loved this bathroom. Starting to understand why some faucets cost $1200.... but really still not *happy* about it perse.

You can see from this angle, we got a pretty good sized window:


Which includes an incredible view of the city...

Which I dare say, is probably the best view of the city in the entire city!

There's also a view of this:


Which still confuses me. Outdoor pool in December.

And a view of this:


And also just a block from this:


I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was one of the nicest places I've ever stayed. The view was incredible. The room was so comfy I could see myself easily staying a month.

OK, I'm feeling it.

We ate a couple meals while we were there and everything was incredibly good. The staff was so friendly that it almost felt foreign at times! Even the cleaning crew sweetly told us good bye as we left!


So I'm going to "officially" give the Hyatt the four stars that it technically has already earned! If you want a fun weekend away, *go there* You'll never have to leave your room again.

Or want to.

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