Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're tight like that


This guy and I, we have a bit of an "understanding".

Each morning, I pretty much have the same routine. Stumble out of bed, use the potty, stumble into the living room, tell Mack and Jingles good morning, open the shades, sit down and read my blogs, wake up a bit, then eat a bowl of cereal.


The thing is tho, that me and this guy, we have to have a "moment" together around the "bowl of cereal time". He likes cereal milk, but only a certain way. I munch away on my honey bunches of oats *with almonds* (I like them because you have an even amount of cereal almost the whole time). He likes that last 2 spoonfuls of sweet laced milk, and instead of drinking it myself, I always save it for Jingles.

He knows, by the sound of the spoon, or maybe how fast I eat at that point, but he always knows exactly how close I am to getting to the bottom of the bowl.... and once in a while when he thinks I'm drinking too much, I get a little tug at my pant leg reminding me that he's there, and back the hell off his milk.

But don't feed him Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
He has standards you know.

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Aw I love that kind of moment with my dog :) And that picture is just fabulous.... Its those little moments with pets that really are why I love them so.

Thanks so much for sharing that :)


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