Monday, December 28, 2009

There is something seriously wrong with this image

I know that the media portrays actresses and models in a way that makes young women thing they have to jam their finger down their throats to look that way, but I never really realized how bad it was until I saw this the other day:


There is something really wrong with this woman. I'm beginning to think she has a really bad case of the photoshop. How is it even physically possible to remain erect and be that tall/thin? I really pray and hope, that it's more some MAN that is in charge of photoshopping someone to the hilt. Yes, you can make someone's legs and arms longer to the point of making them look like they are 6'7" and weight 93 pounds. Should you? no. The only thing they got right was removing her breasts completely.

I mean, come on, her thighs have to send each other text messages to see how they are doing since they haven't SEEN each other in so long.

And just so you know ladies, this is the only person on the planet that can pull off "skinny jeans" They are the worst fashion flub of the year IMO. Even someone wearing a size 2, will look fat in a pair of those jeans. Period.

Rant over.


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