Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas!

I'm kinda having decorating remorse. Mainly because, I decorated, am in the mood to start taking it down already, and not a damn soul other than Gene, Tanner and I saw it. LOL.

I feel so popular and loved.

Sooo.. I decided I'd share a few of my favorite things, before I get after Christmas fever and disassemble the tower of boxes in my bedroom. (I wish I was kidding, they literally reach the ceiling.)


My favorite little deer, with some pretty silver apples my mom gave me.


Love love my tinsel tree I got at a garage sale a few years ago for a whopping 50 cents! It has a cute base, but it's broken, so this year, I used a jar of buttons as a base and love it! I saved out my pink Shiny brites and hung them exclusively on this tree. Underneath, I put my tiny pair of red cowboy baby boots.


I super love vintage decorations, and usually this sort of stuff you can get a good deal on. (pincone elves). When I can't find a vintage thing, I'll settle for something that just looks vintage (santa and bottle brush trees)


I adore these pink bottle brush trees! I bought them at Hobby Lobby. The instant I saw them, I knew I was buying them. Good thing they were 1/2 price! I put them next to my pink tree, that has all the pink plain shiny brites on them.


My vintage santa boot antique store find, with a new "vintage" snowman box. On the right, my feather tree on the island, with a cool santa coke bottle. I've had that forever and every year, I expect to find an exploded bottle of pop in the bottom of the bin.


The beginning of my reindeer collection. I love the celluloid deer, and the little ones are really a good price. I hope to eventually fill the entire shelf with deer. Yep, I know one has only one antler. It's my version of the 3 legged reindeer (ala "Roseanne" lol).

Shiny Brites Bokeh

A little creative antique twist on some more boxes. I put the empty boxes under my tree that displays the shiny brites. I also put some vintage toys (and some old roller skates) under the tree. Kind of like a glimpse of christmas in 1965, only I wasn't around in 1965.

So there you have it! Maybe next year someone besides me will actually see it.

Now who wants to help me take this stuff down?



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