Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meet Abbie and Curt - Getting Engaged


I will be shooting Abbie and Curt's wedding next year.


Abbie really wanted fall pictures, and of course, I'm happy to oblige! We had a heck of a time with scheduling due to unhappy, stinky weather, but it worked out well because I found this beautiful yellow tree.


Curt is a quiet kinda guy... did ya notice?


This is how I can tell when I guy loves his girl... cuz he'll let me take his picture anyway.


And kiss her...
sometimes even in public.


Ironically, I shot Curt's sister's engagement pics too. Remember Sarah and Brian? Yeah those guys, the ones that helped me when I broke my foot like a moron.

I was giving Brian a hard time about being reserved. Sarah said "wait til you meet my brother."

Duly noted Sarah.


I got him to loosen up a bit... and I didn't even have to give him beer.
There'll be beer at the wedding right Abbie? Hello? Anyone?

OK OK, I'll stop harassing Curt.
I swear.
He's a very nice guy, and I'm looking forward to their wedding next year... when it's warm again!


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