Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cease Fire (chicken) Brothel

Building a coop

Saturday was beautiful weather.

That's a big deal around here considering we've not had consistantly beautiful weather for like.... 17 years.

Dude it's Missouri, what do you expect?

So since it was "weather permitting" we got up early, and went to Town Wide Garage sales, then we ate some lunch and hustled back home. There was chicken coop building to do.

Gene's push was to finish the shingling for the roof. We tried hard, but still had to go buy another bundle of shingles. Shingles from Lowes? Boo. Shingles from Sutherlands? yeehaw! He got done!


Not perfect, but after all, it's a chicken coop. They just sleep and poop there. That's it.


Tanner worked on the fence, and cleaned out the coop, worked on the door, helped a lot. Which is exactly the reason I gave him LIFE.

So he could bring me things while I sit in a chair.



Soon we were far enough along to introduce ducks and chickens to their new home. Ducks went first and were NOT HAPPY. I wouldn't be either, their part of the coop is pretty sucky and small, but hoping by this weekend they'll have their own place!

Gene and Tanner toted the whole brooder to the coop, where they were released into the wild. Well. You know.


I'm pretty sure the chickens are happier. They lay in the sun in the evening and stretch their wings. Then someone comes over and stomps on them, they squawk, there is sometimes a peck. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We set the heat lamp out there for the evenings as it's still kinda cool at night, and they are sitting on cement.


Roxxxxxxanne! you don't have to put on ... your red light.

I wonder if the neighbors think I'm running a teeny tiny brothel.


Tracy said...

At quick glance I thought your post title was (chicken) broth. LOL.
Yes that is why we have kids to take care of us when we get old, unfortunatley that is why our parents had kids too hahaha.

Lana said...

It's retribution for what my parents did to me. Ahhh.

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