Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think Spring is here, but I'm not sure...

I say with great trepidation, that I think Spring has finally decided to arrive here at "the ranch". I say trepidatiously because it's still pretty cool at night, it's rained about a 467 inches. (Ok, maybe not that much, but a lot), and I haven't been able to put my coats away, let alone think about the pool.

As proof that Spring might actually be here, I offer up some photographic evidence.


My Salvia, just 2 weeks ago, were little buds.


And now they are 2 semi large bushes of purple spiky flowers.


My love for hostas will not be curtailed by the fact I have virtually no shade.


I'm not above going out with a brollie and shading them by hand. I might need someone to bring me a glass of water once in a while tho.


At the moment hearing what I hope is a just mouse scratching under the house. Which has nothing to do with water drops on a hosta leaf, but felt it worth mentioning.


My pretty little dianthus have eleventy billion little pink buds waiting to burst open.


And it's not just here. This flower (what is it!?) is just living happily in a ditch just up the road for me. Wanna see me get pissed off? Get out of the jeep, take a few shots, see the perfect orange butterfly land in the perfect flowery spot. Go back to the jeep and get the perfect lens, go back for the perfect shot.



Battery died.

*Insert cussing here*


It's not just plants either. Here's some bugs growing on my maple tree. Can someone tell me what kinda bug eggs these are? (ew). Boxelder possibly?

Gee I can *hardly wait*


Even this bit of moss on an old piece of wood is getting in on the action. Moss is beautiful... in a seaweed kinda way.


The corn is growing too. YAY!!
Of course, the corn is not planted around the house yet, but up the road and across the street yes. here? nope, just weeds as per usual. Hoping they still can because I've been looking forward to it for two years.

All of it is thanks to this guy:


I knew he could do it! I knew he existed.

Now. Get me a Jimmy Dean Sausage sun.

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Mallory said...

Love this post, beautiful photos! Don't worry about the sun and hostas - we have some HUUUUGE hostas at the front of our house, which faces south, and they are exposed to sun all day long. I do water them about every other day. They are knee high and about 4 feet across. Those suckers are determined!

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