Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime Gal...


When we go on our antiquing excursions, we always find the coolest old hats, and quite frankly, I think my husband has a hat fetish. He's forever finding something Jackie O wouldn't be caught dead in (which sounds kinda horrible considering), and asking me to try it on. Rarely do I look good. I guess, I'm just not a hat kinda girl. Maybe my head is way too big.

Shut up in the cheap seats.

Sometimes he plays along and lets me take pictures if I swear not to put them on my blog.



Oh well, he doesn't read here. He'll never ever know! shhh.

Last weekend, I found this hat, complete with an old time american flag. I WANT IT. It was way too expensive IMO ($22) but I can't stop thinking about it. I think it would make the most fun prop ever. Plus I'd wear it to the fair, and memorial day, and picnics, and church. If they ever let me back into church.

"I cast you out unclean spirit!"
(name that movie)

Anyway, I want that darn hat, but I got that disqusted look, which means I'll have to sneak down there someday by myself. heh.

In the meantime, I'll be happy with a photo of me in my straw boater.


And for the photogs out there. Yes. I used selective coloring. I think it's purdy. Please don't kick me out of the cool kids club!


gowestferalwoman said...

Lana, if you and I lived in the same neighborhood we'd be at each others kitchen tables laughing until the spouse told us to go home ~ but for right now I'll settle for the fact that we both post at odd times of the night and day lol! anyhow kindred spirit, selective coloring is called "creative authoring" in my book. you be the artist, you get to call the shots. kind of like being the mom...BTW the boater is soo cool!

Dharma said...

The Exorcist! Of course the Pastor's daughter knows that know how we are. ;) I love the pic of your hubs in the boater....he looks so serious, and that's hard to do in that hat! LOL

Tracy said...

Dharma beat me to it. teehee.
I think you look good in hats, well this one anyway and for that I think you should head back out and pick it up :)

My daughter looks good in any hat she puts on. no matter how ugly the hat is. Me on the other hand looks bad in hats no matter how cute it looks LOL.

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