Friday, May 7, 2010

My Favorite Cow

She has no idea.

My favorite cow

Two weeks ago I spotted (snort) this cow up the road. She stands out from the crowd only in that she has a special stripe. I'm sure the other cows make fun of her, hence why she's eating alone. At the lewser cow table. They prolly call her Pepe and say "PeeeeUuu" when she comes near by.

To be fair, I say "PU" to most cows.

But anyway. I think she's down right purdy.
And I want her.

She can move here.

Trust me Pepe, you'd love it. I'll build you your own special place so you'll never have snow on your back again. I'll buy you your weight in premium feed and hand deliver it to you 3 times a day. You'll have the best view of the whole property. You'll live a long and happy life, and (if I can keep a glass man away from you), you'll never be in my freezer.

What say you?

(insert duck for cow, and I have just described my life).

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