Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh deer(s)!

Soon I'm going to tell you more about her:


and her:


and even them:


But first I sleep. I've had a long day. As you can tell, I'm out of town! Hope thes pics look ok, I'm editing on my laptop which I don't normally do. We're having a little adventure.

Don't worry, the ducks and chickens are being well taken care of, as well as we have someone taking care of the house, so all is well back on the homefront.

Maybe tomorrow, when Gene isn't snoring in my left ear, I'll update a little more about our goings on!


Tracy said...

Ohh cute deer, hope your not having a garden this year teehee.

LisaDay said...

Beautiful. They are beautiful creatures. Happy vacation.


Cara said...

She is beautiful. I really like the photo of her in repose. Relaxed deer are wonderful.

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