Friday, May 21, 2010

Chick Flicks

Never try to write a post at 11:30 pm when you're groggy and really wanting to get to bed.

"I have a coop. My coop is red. The coop has a door. It's a little door. I like chickens." Yeah about that exciting. I'll try to ramp up the wit a little bit over the next few days to make up for it.


"I'm so disappointed in you."

This is my third grade teacher, Miss Jones. She's an angry disappointed old woman.

Oh wait! My bad!

If you wanna entertain a chicken, show them a camera. Don't let them peck at a lens that you could buy 900 chickens with tho. Although that would be cool.

*for a day*


They seem very excited about the puddles, but not the rain. No one wants to go out in the rain. Cept the ducks, and I didn't want to chase them in the rain so I left them inside that day. I'm such a mean duck momma.

The ducks however, were VERY excited about a big puddle in the run. They have spent most of their day today splashing around, which reminds me I really need to get their pool set up.


(yes I know it's out of focus. It's called "Being.creative."

(It also means I wasn't actually looking through the viewfinder. I just set it on the board and snapped away.. then called it "creative")


We have a temporary partition up between the ducks and the chickens in the coop. This is where the chickens sometimes roost, and taunt the ducks.


Or just on the floor. Whatever feels good right?


"This IS my happy face."

(or as Gene says, "I'm not mad, I'm light sensitive")


The ducks however, they are drama queens and part of the mean girls club. (well, cept for the boys anyway) If a chicken comes around, they tap em hard. Only sometimes do those chicks got it coming.

This is about as close as I can get to them without them flipping out on me. Really, the ring leader is the duck on the far right. "QuAcK, QuAcK, QuAcK!" Unless I have peas, and then she is first in line to be a gluttonous pig.

Peas? Srsly?

BTW, any of you locals have a dog crate you want to get rid of? I'm thinking that'll be our temporary duck home until winter. I'm too worn out to make anything, and I'm really tired of making things. I just wanna buy it and be done.

Totally disappointed when I saw a full kennel with cover for $300.


PS. Gene said we should eat the drama queen duck.
I responded that we should punch him in the face.

He didn't think that was as good of idea as I did.
Go figure.

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