Thursday, May 20, 2010

Da coop doorz

chicken coop pop door

The chickens love their new pop door. It needs a hook and eye and/or a rope to pull it up, yet, but for the most part, it's done. It didn't take very long either!

This morning, it was raining and I debated opening the door. I did, and within 30 seconds, 18 chickens went out. Then 18 chickens came back in. Seems they don't like the rain much.

Ducks on the other hand, love the rain/water, but I didn't want to chase them around back and forth all day, so I left them in their side of the coop. I think they were rather happy that I didn't chase them around (they hate it when I pick them up). Actually, I think just one is a big fat drama queen, the other 3 don't seem to mind me much.

Frankly, I really wish this coop was DONE. I'm kind tired of working on it. There's still soffits to put on, trim to put up, building a duck house of some sorts (which might be an old doghouse), adding a middle fence/door to seperate the ducks.

Can't they just live in peace and harmony?

*singing - ebony, and Ivoryyyyyy.... live together in perfect... harmony...*


Tracy said...

Lana I grew up in the country and loved it. I was never bored. These city kids need to cause trouble to get their kicks.

LisaDay said...

I am sure ducks think chickens are too smelly to coexist.


gowestferalwoman said...

ooooo, red she said! i love the color of your chicken palace!

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