Friday, May 7, 2010

What does your fridge say about you?

I love looking at people's refrigerators. I like all the magnets and pictures. No, not because it's all cluttered, I actually hate the cluttered look. I kinda cringe when I see a fridge covered from top to bottom with magnets and photos.

However, it is interesting to see what's there, and in any awkward social situation, you can look busy or interested in refrigerator magnets up to 5 minutes.

Don't ask me how I know this.

You can learn a lot about a person by what's stuck to the outside of their fridge. So I thought it'd be fun to show you what's on mine, so we can all analyze me and point and laugh. Well, you can point and laugh, and I can get therapy.


What is This:

There's always a list on my fridge. I get the shopping lists for $1 at Michaels or target. The one on the right was made by some scrapbooky friends. I don't use it as much, but I think it's very cute. The "buff neon lights" sign has been there since January. The neon's lights are still unbuffed.

What does it say about me:

  1. It says that I try to be organized but usually fail miserably.
  2. If it's not on the list, it won't be purchased.
  3. My husband's roads to hell are paved with good intentions.


What is This:

Both magnets look completely unrelated, but however they are. Both were given to my husband by my mother-in-law. She saw my old fridge, a freebie from my grandma who is now in the nursing home, covered with bits of rust spots here and there. I imagine it made her cringe so she gave hubs a couple magnets to cover the spots.

What does it say about me:

  1. That I'm not offended. I had rust spots... Brilliant solution! Got more?
  2. My MIL cares... and shows it in weird ways, but she cares. :) Happy Mom's Day Carol!


What is this:

A poster of chickens, ducks and turkeys. It's what I can buy at our local Orschelns.

What does this say about me:

  1. That I have issues.
  2. That I still think chickens are purdy
  3. That I keep building a wish list for next year.
  4. NEXT Year??



What is this:

2 seemingly unrelated magnets. Oh, but they are related. Both given by my brother/sister-in-law. The lobster was because they gave us live lobster for a christmas gift last year. Yes, I had to kill one of god's creatures. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus! (actually Gene dispensed with the act, I left the room until it was time to melt butter). The "other one" is a souvenir from the inauguration.

What does this say about me:

  1. That I'm really a republican.
  2. That I have a sense of humor.
  3. That my SIL is really a jokester. Yes, I think it's her because my BIL flew under the radar until he met her.
  4. That I have to keep a close eye on those 2.


What is this:

2 magnet reproductions from one of my favorite artists Kal Barteski.

What does this say about me:

  1. That I appreciate art in all forms.
  2. That I love bright saturated colors
  3. That I'm a creepy stalker that has read Kal's blog for 3 years.


What is this:

Bear magnets, that I've had for years and years. (3 houses and 2 husband's long)

What does this say about me:

  1. That bears love you longer than men. (ouch)
  2. That I used to be a teddy bear collector (still have some but they are all in my guest room)
  3. That I used to be a teddy bear artist - yes that's a real job. Not a very good paying one, but a real job.
  4. That 12 years ago, computers and fax machines were huge!


What is this:

A laminated american flag magnet that Tanner made back in his scrapbooking days.

What does this say about me:

  1. It says that above all, I'm still a mom that proudly displays her kids artwork on the fridge.
  2. Even after he tells me to throw it away


What is this:

A tin, with a glass top, and a magnet on the back. I bought it ages ago. Thought it was cool. I still think it's cool but I don't know what to put in it.

What does it say about me:

  1. I like cool things.
  2. I used to impulse buy too much.
  3. I need a collection of small things that I need easy access too.


What is this:

A vintage christmas postcard.

What does this say about me:

  1. That I love vintage Christmas stuff.
  2. That I keep Christmas in my heart all year long.
  3. PUh-chaw!
  4. OK OK, That I found it behind the fridge when I put the new one in there!
What does your fridge mean about you?


gowestferalwoman said...

My frig? clear cling shipping plastic wrap that it came in 2 years ago. nothing else. seriously. The kitchen floor has not been put in yet, sitting on a pallet in the garage marked "VERMONT SLATE CO." So until that gosh dang floor is put in Im not gonna take the plastic off. In my twisted "sick of building it ourselves for 7 years" thinking, Im pretty sure you can jinx the whole thing if you act like its going to get done... Although I think I have found the $ecret cure to getting the house finished - buy another one to move into.

So probably I will be able to unveil the frig in a few weeks, slapping some "neutral" cute magnets like yours on it, all in the name of STAGING... :D

Tracy said...

Fridge=Food. Simple LOL.
You are suppose to Buff Neon Lights? Really?

My fridge has magnets from our cross country trip.
Notes that are long overdue, and should be thrown out.
Pictures of the kids in Halloween costumes, from 2 yrs ago, Yup I am lazy.
That is all I am sharing.....I need to clean off my fridge LOL.

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