Tuesday, May 4, 2010

*green with envy*


Tanner plays the trumpet.
And I'm jealous.

The end.


You can't get off that lucky.


Last night Tanner's band had their year end concert and awards assembly. Wanna know a secret? I've never heard Tanner play.


Yeah, I have in the BAND, but never alone. For some reason, he's shy about it, and I decided it wasn't a hill to die on.

I am really happy that he is in band, despite marching band 7 a.m. practices. I do say a little thankful prayer that I don't live in the neighborhood they march in. Yay! (sorry guys). Tanner's step-dad, my husband, also played trumpet as a kid. He has so many band stories that make me laugh. They also make me hope that Tanner doesn't do some of the ornery stuff my husband was doing in high school, and in band.

Ask him about the time he got kicked out of band.

I'm jealous.

I secretly desire to play the trumpet. Or the drums, or the sax, or the clarinet, or heck even the tuba (I give my husband a hard time for the year he got stuck playing the tuba). But mostly, I secretly want to play the cello.

Or maybe a violin.

But mostly a cello.

I never learned to play anything. Music lessons and instruments just weren't in the cards. By the time I realized that I would probably like it (8th grade) I felt like it was too late as the other kids had 2 years of playing on me. Truth is, I probably could have joined at any time, but hindsight is 20/20 eh?

No one in Maryville is giving cello lessons. Not that I know of anyway. So I think instead, I'm going to teach myself how to play piano on my husband's keyboard (that I finally got moved off the dining room table yesterday and on the stand). That with the help of youtube that has some awesome free lessons, I might be playing chopsticks by the time I'm 48. (which is 24 years from now! *winkwink* *cough*)

In the meantime, wanna see a teenager that has a photographer for a mom, but doesn't like having his photo taken?


He knows his mom is sitting in the stands taking his picture, and there's not a damn thing he can do about it.



Oh I mean "love you Tanner!"

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Tracy said...

In highschool I played the French horn and then the trumpet, but playing isn't really what I did.LOL. I tried not to I just wanted the credit.
Well now I too wish I could play an instrument.

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