Friday, June 25, 2010

But daddy I want it noooooow!


I want one.

Yes. I want a long horn steer. They can't be that much harder to take care of than say, a chicken, right?

I'd never ever seen a long horn my whole life, until we went to SD. Very weird. I was almost excited about that as I was the random critters everywhere.

In other news, I really want a set of horns to put on my jeep. Gene won't let me. I just want a *small* pair. No more than say, 2 or 3 feet across. I could be one of the cool kids then!



PS. Gene is home, and doing fine. He's whining a lot. Anyone have a cattle prod they can spare?


Tracy said...

LOL Lana you are too funny.
Now do you want that cow for a pet or to eat so you can get the horns from it.
Is that what all the cool kids have? Oh I may have to get a set for my jeep teehee. said...

Love the longhorn! Amazing that what for some of us is so commonplace, for others is exotic ....

gowestferalwoman said...

Lana; you have cow obsession disease.
I think you must go into moo-therapy...thats where you eat everything that is either dairy (like french silk chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, with whipped cream) or really good beef (t-bone on the grill, I can hear it sizzling now...) And then buy the nicest leather purse (I love opening them up and smelling the inside, TJ Maxx must think Im nuts) and get a pair of shoes to match...maybe a loveseat too...On second thought, I think I might join you...

With all the purchasing you will be doing for moo-therapy, Gene will be up in no time - which in his case would be called "im a patient** man but enough is enough" intervention)


**in his case, not only patient in nature but a healing patient :D

LisaDay said...

Those are big horns. Good luck with those cows.


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