Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Dakota - Day three

Good lord, yes, I'm STILL talking about SD.
I'm almost done. I swear.

I couldn't NOT share more photos tho. It's what I do.

When we went to Devil's Tower, we stopped outside of the park to take a few shots. A woman noticed our Missouri license plates and since she was from KC, she started talking to us. While I'm off shooting some flowers or some such, She tells Gene about a local drive through animal park and convinces Gene it's a MUST SEE.

This was one thing he was very excited about.

The next day, it was the first thing we did. Although I do prefer my animals au natural, he enjoyed getting to see the animals up close and personal. Oh, and despite them telling you not to through down your window, I did anyway cuz you know, I needed a good shot!




I swear, it's not just a dog. It's a wolf.




A rare white buffalo. I thought they were protected??


The elusive and rare, "raccoon". Oh, I'm on quite familiar terms with the rascal racoon.


But mainly there are bears.


Lots of them.

The best part, was the baby bear cubs. Aww.. I want one!


"Ok, watch me, put your right foot in, then your right foot out. Then put your right foot in and shake it all about."


"Huh, what is 'right'? What is foot?"


"Oh oh, can I play?"


"I know the hokey pokey."




"Now listen here, I said right foot! RIGHT FOOT!"


"See, dis is mah right foots!"

I want a bear.

Oh we're getting a bear.

I know that Gene would give it a 5 out of 5 stars for getting to see lots of animals, and getting to be a bit lazy about it in the process. (sorry dear). I however give it about a 2.5 stars. Three stars because I like to see things as they live in nature. It reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt, and how the teddy bear kinda got started. Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot an old injured bear tied to a tree by his hunting mates ... for sport. He said it was unsportsman like.

To me, it's kinda the same thing, only with a camera instead of a gun. Like shooting fish in a barrel, you can't miss. What's the sport in that eh?

They lost another half a star when I found out that they "claim" they own the copyright to my photos. I didn't find this out until after I'd already paid them to go inside. Technically, they don't own the copyright, I do. I always will. However, they do own property rights and neither of us could make money off of said images without permission from the other. A stalemate as you will.

This is why I've chosen not to name the park, and also why I've chosen to put my wartermark in ugly spots on the photos. Hmmpft. So there.

Would I go again? Probably not. Would Gene? Probably not either.

Now later, I'll show you some REAL animal shots!


ashley.worth said...

Beautiful shots as are all the rest of your previous photos. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in South Dakota.

SD Office of Tourism

gowestferalwoman said...

You shots are fantastic - they are just jealous because they know they cant take great shots like you can :P... artistic license is best in the great outdoors anyways!!!

love your photos!

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