Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did you just call me a chicken Sh-t?

Entirely too much talk about chicken poop in this posting.

{Don't mind me, just layin' an egg}

A few days ago, I was out talking to the chickens and I noticed something unusual. There was some chicken poo that wasn't chicken poo.. it was just blood. It was right under a chicken, and I made an assumption. I tried to catch said chicken so I could get a look at it's rear (insert ewww here), but I couldn't catch her.

I'd also had one of the older chickens with really runny poo, then I saw one of them vomit.

Someone is sick.

I did a little research and the best I came up with was coccidiosis, which is basically a parasitic disease that is not uncommon in chickens, often in chicks, and comes from a parasite in the dirt or droppings.

I decided to call the vet, after being warned that we were not spending a fortune on saving a chicken's life. hmmftp. I spent $13 (har) and have medicine that would last 40 chickens for a week.

Anyway, in return we can't eat any of the eggs for 2 weeks. Since we have only 2 laying hens, that means around 30 eggs down the garbage disposal.


There just seemed to be something poetic about a little fluffy butt feather stuck to a perfect egg.

And then I ground it up in the disposal.

Last night we had a little field trip. I would like to free range the chickens but I don't trust the drivers, or that someone won't stop and still 1 or 12 chickens, or that they'll get into my fledgling flower bed.

Best way around that, let them out right before their bedtime.


This is what I'm greeted with, every time I go outside. You see, I'm the biped that brings them treats. They are like Pavlov's dogs. "Blond biped bring food! Run to door!"

{yes there is lots of chicken poop out there. It's what they do!}

I open the door and they stand there for a moment, probably wondering if it's some sort of trap.

Then someone says:


"Oh look, a bug!" and off they go.

**No flowers were injured in the creation of this post.

1 comment:

LisaDay said...

I hope all the chickens are well. I love the pic of the egg.

I got caught up in your blog that I forgot to tell you I have an award for you at my blog.


PS-I love the cat pic, too.

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