Monday, June 21, 2010

Even clouds get their own sunset


Our weather has been crazy.

No, *extra* crazy. Rain nearly every day, I haven't looked at for a month without there being some sort of weather advisory on it.

One of the few up sides to this, is that we have been getting some incredible clouds and you know me. I love me some cool cloud photos.


The clouds looked more like explosions than clouds. In fact, some of the clouds were billowing so big, you could watch them just like something had blow up in the atomosphere. They were some of the craziest colors I've ever seen in NW MO. Yellow, orange, purple, pink.


These photos were taken shortly after the sun had gone down but the sky was still light. I would guess by the angle, and the way the light hit it, that the clouds were getting their own personal sunset.


LisaDay said...

Gorgeous. However, I would be worried the clouds were also going to get tornadoes. I am terrified of tornadoes.


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

stopping by from SITS and beautiful pictures

Kimberley said...


We have been getting crazy weather too lately, just yesterday there were four tornadoes in our area, tornadoes are rare here to say the least!

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